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Elon Musk’s tax bill for this year is over $11 Bn – Top Trending News

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technology


Elon Musk’s tax bill for this year is over $11 Bn

Most people in the world will take seven life times to earn astronomical amount like $11 Bn. But $11 Bn is almost like peanuts for Elon Musk, who is the world’s richest man. Tesla’s CEO is expected to shell out over $11 Bn in tax bill in the current bill. MUSK, who is also the CEO of commercial space company SpaceX, has reportedly already paid $7 Bn tax to the federal and state government (Read more).


Amazon owned livestreaming platform Twitch has banned Amazon Prime Video Channel

Image Credits: Flickr Trade Group Follow

In an interesting case, Twitch has banned Spanish Amazon Prime Video Channel. Although Twitch has not given any public reason, the ban seems to be in response to the nude content promoted by the concerned channel. Now this ban evokes a sense of surprise because Twitch is owned by Amazon (Read More)        


Oracle takes leap in healthcare, buys Cerner for $28.3 Bn

Image Credits: Oracle Facebook

Oracle has sealed an acquisition deal in what will be touted as Software giant’s biggest ever bet in the healthcare sector. The software maker has agreed to acquire medical record systems provider Cerner Corp for nearly $28.3 Bn. The bold move is expected to bolster company’s cloud computing and database business (Read more)


TikTok is testing a new repost button

Image Credit: Flickr Block Inspect

TikTok, which is known for viral short videos, is testing a new way that will allow its users to repost content in a new way. The short video app is reportedly testing ‘repost’ button for certain group of users though the beta testing is still in the very early stage (Read More)


Youtube settles contract dispute with Disney

Youtube has finally settled the contract dispute with Disney, which means that Disney Channels won’t be axed from the video stream platform. Last week, the Google owned platform gave a stern warning that Disney channels might lose self-hosting rights on Youtube if does not clear out the new terms of agreement with the platform (Read more))

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