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Elon Musk’s latest Tweets make Ukrainians Angary (Here’s why)

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Elon Musk’s latest Tweets make Ukrainians Angary (Here’s why)

Elon Musk’s outspoken tweets have once again paved way for a controversy. This time his latest tweets were about the plausible solutions to the ongoing Ukraine- Russia conflict. In his latest tweet, the world’s richest man suggested a UN sponsored elections in the Russian controlled Ukrainian region as one of the possible solutions to end the stalemate. However, this tweet didn’t really go down well with Ukrainian President Zelensky, who blatantly questioned Musk whether he is supporting Russians in the ongoing conflict. Although the Tesla & Space CEO unambiguously expressed his support for Ukraine, this did not stop the barrage of criticisms that Musk has to face because of his latest tweet.


Google shuts down its last serving product in Mainland China  

Image Source: Flickr

Google on Monday announced that it is pulling down the services of Google Translate across Mainland China, citing the low usage problem. Google Translate, as we all know, helps in translating different languages. This marks the end of one of Google’s last remaining services in the mainland China. Google has shared a very tension prone relationship with Beijing. Google was forced to unceremoniously exit the Chinese market way back in 2010 due to strict censorship laws. Even Facebook had to suffer the same fate as it too chose to exit the mainland China market many years back, citing strict censorship laws.


Kim Kardashian pays $1.26 Mn fine over crypto promotion

Image Courtesy: Flickr

Famous American socialite personality Kim Kardashian has agreed to pay a hefty fine to the American stock market regulator the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission. Kardashian will be shelling out nearly $1.26 Mn Fine for allegedly promoting crypto investment product on Instagram and other social media pages. As per the allegations levelled by SEC, Kardashian had taken huge fees for this promotion but never disclosed the same to its viewers. The socialite’s lawyer said that her client is happy in settling the case with the SEC and she won’t be promoting crypto investment products, at least not for the next three years.


Amid Controversies, Byju’s raises $49 Mn from its parent company   

Byju Raveendran at Byju's Office
Byju Raveendran, Founder & CEO of Byju’s

India’s most valued startup Byju’s has raised $49 Mn from its Singapore holding company, according to media reports. This funding has come after a long spell and that too at a time when it is facing uncomfortable questions over delaying the publishing of its Fy21 financial results. The edtech giant did publish its FY21 financial results barely few weeks back but the numbers did not depict a rosy scenario. As per these numbers, the Bengaluru based company’s losses swelled to whooping Rs 4,558 crore, worrying the analysts over the long term health of the company. However, Byju’s sought to shrug off these doubts, citing that these losses were mainly on account of slew of acquisitions it made in last one and half year.


PayU – BillDesk mega $4.7 Bn Acquisition Deal has been Cancelled    


The PayU and BillDesk $4.7Bn merger deal that was announced with lot of fanfare and hype in August 2021 has been revoked. PayU officially confirmed the news of cancellation, claiming that BillDesk did not fulfill certain important conditions within the given stipulated time, due to which the deal stands cancelled. Had this merger taken place, the duo would have become one of the largest payment player in the world, handling a transaction volume of nearly $147 Bn.

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