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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Dream Bumps into a Speed-breaker

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop project is been widely touted as the most revolutionary project of our time. It is a project that is supposed to revolutionize the way we will be travelling and also spare us from the havoc of snarling traffic. However, every ambitious project by some way or other ends up getting hit by a minor or major snag. Such is the nature of these ambitious infrastructure projects and Musk’s pet project is not proving to be an exception either.

It is now been reported that Musk has officially scrapped the plan to dig a tunnel through an affluent section in West Los Angles. This snag, though a minor one, is certainly expected to affect The Boring Company’s tunneling work. But what really caused this snag and does Musk has any remedy to overcome this sudden setback.

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Below are some of the details that we have sourced from the reliable sources

  • The Boring Company had to abruptly stop the tunneling work in West Los Angles after it reached an amicable settlement in environmental review lawsuit that was filed few months back.


  • The environmental lawsuit was filed by the neighborhood of Sepulveda Boulevard area. The lawsuit alleged that the Los Angles state officials had violated the state law by exempting the tunneling project from the environmental review.


  • It is believed that The Boring Company had struck a deal that helped it in securing preliminary exemption from tough environmental review requirements. However, it now appears that neighbors of Sepulveda Boulevard area weren’t really pleased with this.


  • According to reports, The Boring Company has admitted in a joint statement about reaching an ‘amicable settlement’ with petitioners and also stopping the tunneling work with immediate effect.


  • As a replacement to Sepulveda Boulevard, now Musk’s company plans to dig the tunnel near Dodger Stadium under the project name ‘Dugout Loop.’ Musk had actually announced about Dodger Stadium project in August itself with the possible apprehension that tunneling work in Sepulveda Boulevard may hit a snag.


We won’t be really causing any error of judgment if we say that Musk’s Hyperloop project may probably get hit by similar hurdles in coming months. No, we certainly don’t hold any grudge against Musk or his pet project. It is just that nowadays most big infrastructure projects get hit by environmental issues.

But then again when you have a maverick entrepreneur like Musk at the helm of the affair then instant solutions are always in the sight.

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