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Elon Musk wants Twitter to support Dogecoin Payment

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technology. News that have dominated the world of technology during the last 24 hours.


Elon Musk wants Twitter to support Dogecoin payment

Elon Musk
Image Credits: Flickr OnInnovation

Till date Twitter has never hinted that it will ever support crypto payment for its subscription service Twitter Blue. But with now Elon Musk becoming the largest stake holder in Twitter, one can certainly expect the microblogging company to carry out such crazy experiments. Only few days back Musk tweeted that Twitter should allow Twitter Blue subscribers to make payment through Dogecoin. Remember Twitter Blue is Twitter’s only paid subscription program through which the microblogging company offers special & exclusive features to all its paid subscribers. As for Dogecoin is concerned then it is  actually a sarcastic meme coin that was launched in 2013 almost as a ‘joke.’ But this meme coin started enjoying serious value in the crypto market ever since Musk openly expressed his support for Dogecoin last year.


Crypto exchange platform Coinbase suspends UPI payment plan amid regulatory problems

Last week we had reported in our top trending stories that India’s UPI payment regulatory body NCPI has refused to acknowledge Coinbase’s ambitious plan to launch crypto trading on UPI platforms like Google Pay and Phonepe.  Now it is been reported that Coinbase has officially halted its plan to launch crypto trading on UPI platform. According to reports, Coinbase app currently allows its users to only sell cryptos via IMPS method. The buying option is currently not available on the Coinbase app. Reports also claim that after Coinbase fiasco popular fintech company Mobikwik has also halted plans to launch crypto trading on the UPI platform.


Tesla to start selling its much awaited cyber truck in 2023

Tesla’s cybertruck has been among Tesla’s most awaited vehicles even since it was officially unveiled in 2019. This pick-up truck was supposed to arrive in the U.S market in 2021 itself. But with coronavirus pandemic puncturing the global supply chain, Tesla was never going to meet its 2021  target. However, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that this much awaited pick up truck will hit the U.S. market in 2023, .i.e. next year. Musk made this announcement while launching a new gigafactory in Texas. Tesla, by the way, had launched a new gigafactory in Berlin barely two weeks back. This is actually Tesla’s first giga factory in Europe.


Popular Chinese hacking group is using VLC player to launch malware attack


VLC player is one of the most popular media players globally, used by millions across the world. Being free and open source platform, VLC player software is downloaded by scores of people. But mind you, henceforth you may have to use VLC player quite cautiously especially if you working in a government office. According to a latest cybersecurity report, a prominent Chinese hacking group called Cicada is using VLC players to launch a malware attack and spy on government offices. This report claims that Cicada captures a clean version of VLC and embeds a malicious file alongside the media player’s export function.


Russia warns Youtube after Youtube bans Russian parliament channel           

Putin with his bodyguards
Image Credit: Flickr Mitya Aleshkovsky

Russia’s communication watchdog has given a stern warning that Youtube may face fresh restrictions or may even be banned if it does not revoke the ban on Duma channel. Last week Youtube banned Duma channel from its streaming platform. Duma channel is a popular Russian channel that broadcasts live proceedings of the Russian parliament. Youtube’s decision to ban Duma channel is part of American companies anti-Russian stance for its ongoing military invasion against Ukraine.

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