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Elon Musk replaces Twitter’s Blue Bird Logo with Dogo Meme

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Elon Musk replaces Twitter’s Blue Bird Logo with Dogo Meme

Twitter has seen frenzy of changes ever since Elon Musk took the ownership of the microblogging platform in October last year. But Musk’s latest change has taken everyone by big surprise as no one really saw it coming. This time Musk has changed the twitter logo, replacing the classic blue bird logo with doge meme representing the popular cryptocurrency Dogecoin. The new doge meme depicting the face of Shiba Inu is currently appearing only on the web version of Twitter. Meanwhile, Dogecoin’s price skyrocketed by as much as 30% on Monday after news reached the market that doge meme is the new logo of Twitter.


Spotify closes down its Clubhouse Inspired audio app ‘Spotify Live’

how to see who liked your playlist on spotify

Spotify is pulling the curtains down on its live audio vertical Spotify Live but maintained that it will continue experimenting with live features. Spotify Live, previously known as Spotify Greenroom, was launched in June 2022, a time when live audio app Clubhouse had become a rage and its success compelled everyone including Facebook and Reddit to create its own audio app. But by the end of 2022, the hype around Clubhouse had completely subsided and died down and hordes of companies steadily started shutting down their clubhouse style apps.


Australia bans TikTok App on Government Devices

TikTok ban continues on all government devices. After the U.S. EU, New Zealand and U.K, Australia has become the latest country to ban the popular Chinese video sharing app on the government devices. The ban will be implemented starting from this week itself and will be implemented at both state as well as federal level. According to the Australian media, this ban is the result of a seven-month long review by Australia’s Home Department that apparently raised concerns over TikTok’s data mining practices. TikTok, on other hand, has denied all these allegations, claiming that the Chinese app is 100% safe.


 Apple has reportedly started laying off employees

Tech giant Apple has reportedly started laying off employees from one of its retail teams. Although it is still not clear how many employees will be affected, the number is likely to be very small. Unconfirmed media reports further claim that this layoff has nothing to do with the cost-cutting measure but to improve its operational efficiency. If this report is indeed true then this will be the first-time that Apple will be laying off employees due to the current economic recession. Apple has clearly stood out among all the big tech giants for not resorting to mass lay-off. All its peers have sacked thousands of employees with Amazon and Meta laying off almost 27,000 employees and 21,000 employees respectively.


Tesla shares fall despite record deliveries in the first quarter

Elon Musk standing besides Tesla car…Image source: Flickr

Tesla shares were trading low by almost 4% during the early trading session on Monday morning. This despite the fact that the EV car posted record car deliveries in the first quarter of 2023-24. Tesla sold almost 422,875 cars in the first quarter. However, investors seem to be unimpressed as these good delivery numbers have been achieved due to 20% price cut announced across all Tesla models in January, impacting the company’s profit margin. Investors further worry that Musk might have to do more price cuts to achieve the target of 2 million deliveries in 2023.

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