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Elon Musk Offloads $1.1 Bn Tesla Stocks after Twitter Poll Row – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Elon Musk Offloads $1.1 Bn Tesla Stocks after Twitter Poll Row

Image Credits: Natan Dvir/Bloomberg via Getty Images

According to regulatory filings cited by the U.S media, Elon Musk has sold a big chunk of Tesla shares that is estimated to be worth $1.1 Bn. The announcement comes barely days after Musk stroked controversy by asking his millions of followers to participate in the informal poll suggesting whether he should be selling 10% of its Tesla stock. However, regulatory filings have revealed that Musk had initiated the stock sale in September itself, which implied that the weekend poll was one of Musk’s latest antics on Twitter that has now sort of become a trademark thing (click here).      


Microsoft Teams all set to integrate with Facebook’s Workplace platform

Logo of Microsoft….

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Facebook (now known as Meta) to integrate its workplace platform Microsoft Teams with Facebook’s very own work app Workplace. Through this partnership, both platforms will seek to leverage each other’s capabilities for enhancing each other’s functionalities and features. For instance, employees using both Teams and Workplace will be able to view, comment and react to meetings in real time without having to switch between the apps (click here)  


Youtube all set to give ‘dislike numbers’ a thumbs down (pretty soon)

Image Credits: Pixabay germany_photography

Youtube has said that it will soon start hiding the counts of dislike numbers in order to protect its small creators from public shaming. This basically implies that Youtube’s viewers will still be able to view the dislike and also click but won’t be able to see the dislike numbers (at least not publicly). It is still not known whether Youtube will implement this rule across all markets or only selected markets (Click here)    


Foxconn, Apple’s largest manufacturing partner, has just bought electric vehicle factory in Ohio

Foxconn India

Foxconn, which is best known for manufacturing Apple’s iPhone devices, has announced that it has bought a electric vehicle factory based in Ohio. This huge factory that is believed to be spread across 6.2 Mn square feet is reported to have been sold for $230 Mn (Click here)  


Sony is slowing down its PS5s production     

Sony is most likely to miss the production target of its popular gaming console PS5 for the ongoing fiscal year, according to Bloomberg. Sony was initially targeting to produce nearly 16 Mn PS5 gaming consoles but is now settling for 15 Mn (Click here)    

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