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Elon Musk offers to sell more Tesla stock, following his spat with Bernie Sanders

Image Credits: Natan Dvir/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s twitter antics has always been subject of great discussions for most twitterati and beyond. Keeping true to his reputation, Musk in this latest twitter stunt got involved in a public spat with senator Bernie Sanders.

The genesis of this spat was sowed by series of Bernie Sanders’ tweets that called on America’s superrich to pay their fair share of tax. “We must demand that the extremely wealthy people must pay their fair share. Period,” Sanders wrote on his Twitter handle.           

This is not just one off tweet. Sanders has been unleashing series of anti-rich tweets  since past few days.

These tweets apparently didn’t go down too well with Musk, who as is well known is outspoken and rarely ever minces his words while sneering at his critics.

Musk hit back at Sanders by tweeting “I keep forgetting that you’re still alive” and made another sarcastic attack by tweeting “want me to sell more stock Bernie? Just say the word.” This specific tweet was evidently meant as a challenge to Sanders’ clamouring call to tax super rich’s every profit seeking activities including stock sale.

Notably, Musk had just conducted a stock sale by offloading shares worth $6.9 in Tesla. This stock sale was conducted in quintessential Musk style. Tesla’s CEO conducted a Twitter poll whether he should be offloading a part of his stake in the electric company. Nearly 59% of the participants responded affirmatively. However, It is different matter all together that this poll was irrelevant given that Musk had already started the process of stock sale in September itself. This was revealed by Tesla’s regulatory filings last week.

In all probability Musk’s latest tweet on Tesla stock sale will not be treated with much seriousness. It must be noted that despite his recent stock sale Musk in all probability is still the largest stakeholder in his electric vehicle company.

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