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Elon Musk meets Modi, discusses Tesla’s entry in India  

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Elon Musk meets Modi, discusses Tesla’s entry in India  

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday in New York city. In an hour-long meeting, both reportedly discussed about Tesla’s plans to enter the Indian market. Musk said that he was “excited about the future of India” and that he believed the country had “more promise than any large country in the world.” Tesla’s India head, Vaibhav Taneja had also accompanied Musk during the hour-long meeting. Tesla has been looking to enter the Indian market for several years, but it has been hampered by high import duties and other regulatory hurdles


WhatsApp can now automatically silence unknown callers

WhatsApp has launched a new feature that will potentially end the problem of spam and scam calls. This new feature called as “Silence Unknown Callers” allows users to automatically silence incoming calls from numbers that are not saved in their contacts. However, the calls will still appear in the user’s call log so they can still see who has called them if they need to. The “Silence Unknown Callers” feature is available on both Android and iOS devices. It is a free feature and does not require any additional settings or configuration. WhatsApp had also recently joined hands with caller identification platform TrueCaller to resolve the problem of spam calls.


Cisco unveils new AI Networking Chips

Networking hardware giant Cisco on Tuesday announced the launch of its new AI networking chips that will be based on Cisco’s Silicon One platform. These AI networking chips will offer a number of features that are specifically designed for AI workloads such as High performance and low latency.  The chips can deliver up to 100 terabits per second of throughput while it has a latency of just a few microseconds, which is essential for real-time AI applications. Cisco will be targeting a number of different industries with these AI chips including cloud computing, telecommunications, and data centers.


Joe Biden meets AI experts in latest push to Regulate & Manage AI Risk

U.S President Joe Biden met with AI experts in San Francisco on Tuesday to discuss the potential risks and benefits of artificial intelligence. Some of the risks that Biden and the experts reportedly discussed include the potential for AI to be used to spread misinformation, to create job losses, and to discriminate against certain groups of people. U.S President said that he believes that AI has “enormous promise” but that it also comes with “risks.” Tuesday’s close door meeting is the latest effort by the U.S. administration to regulate the risk associated with AI.


OpenAI lobbied with EU to Temper down the AI Act  

According to a report published in Time Magazine, OpenAI lobbied with the European Union to water down the AI Act that is seeking to regulate the use of artificial intelligence in the EU territory. In particular, OpenAI lobbied against the AI Act’s definition of “high-risk AI systems,” which would potentially subject AI companies to stringent regulations, including requirements for strict transparency and human oversight. OpenAI also lobbied with EU officials that its general-purpose AI systems, such as GPT-3 and Dall-E 2, should not be considered high-risk.


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