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Elon Musk compares Canada’s Justin Trudeau to Hitler (deletes the tweet) – Top Tech News

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Elon Musk compares Canada’s Justin Trudeau to Hitler (deletes the tweet)

image Source: Flickr

Elon Musk has yet again stroked a controversy by his tweet as he compared Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to German dictator Adolf Hitler. Musk’s tweet was apparently in support of trucker’s ongoing protest against Trudeau’s vaccine mandate. The tweet immediately triggered reactions from scores of people, some of which were duly replied by Musk. But sensing that this tweet might court a huge controversy, Tesla’s CEO later deleted the tweet (Read More)


Warren Buffet invests $1Bn in Crypto Friendly Bank

Warren Buffet has never been a big fan of cryptocurrency but the billionaire investor seems to be nurturing a new found love for digital currencies. According to regulatory filings filed with SEC, Buffet’s investment firm Berkshire Hathaway has bought $1 Bn worth stocks in a digital bank that focuses on crypto. The name of this bank is Nubank and is based in Brazil. While Buffet seems to have soften his stance over cryptocurrencies, his partner Charlies Munger continues to have strong disdain for it. Barely a day ago Munger said that cryptocurrency is a ‘venereal diseases’  (Read more)


U.S. lagging Behind China in 5G Race, Ex-Google CEO claims

U.S. government’s flip-flop and unambiguous policy on 5G technology has meant that it is lagging well behind China in 5G race, Ex Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said to a leading American newspaper. Schmidt and Harvard professor Graham Allison have requested Biden administration to make 5G technology a ‘national policy’ otherwise China will dominate 5G technology in Future (Read more)


U.S. investigating 4,16000 Tesla vehicles (here’s why)

The U.S. auto safety regulator National Highway Safety Administrator (NHTSA) has said it will soon launch official investigation against 416,0000 tesla vehicles. NHTSA has cited “unexpected braking” as the reason for launching this investigation. The regulatory body has claimed that it has received more than 300 complaints above unexpected activation of brakes in Tesla cars (Read more)


Amazon and Visa reaches Truce over Payment issue

Amazon and Visa have finally reached an agreement over their festering dispute on payment issue in U.K and other countries. Earlier this year, Amazon had threated that it will stop accepting Visa cards for payments due to its higher transaction fees. The latest news will spell good news for Amazon customers since Visa is one of the most dominant players in card payment (Read more)

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