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Elon Musk claims Those Banned will not be allowed (until)

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technologies. Stories that we feel that you keep a tab on.


Elon Musk claims Those Banned will not be allowed (until)

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Elon Musk, who now officially owns Twitter, has made a big statement over banned Twitter accounts. Musk has said that Twitter won’t reinstate the accounts of the banned accounts unless the company makes a clear and non-negotiable process. He further added that it will take few more weeks to make such a process. This is a big statement as rumours have been swelling over the last few days that Musk may soon reinstate former U.S. President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, which was permanently banned earlier this year following the unprecedented violence in Capitol Hill. This will certainly cheer up Trump in a big way since his recently launched social media platform Truth Social is proving to be a huge disaster.


WhatsApp rolls out ‘Communities’ feature for Global Market

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Instant messaging platform has officially rolled out the much awaited ‘communities’ feature for the global market. Meta’s chief Mark Zuckerberg himself unveiled this new feature. Communities will be like any other discussion group but will be more larger and also structured. WhatsApp users can create sub-groups and add 1024 users in one single group. But the most interesting feature is that you can make 32 person voice and video calls. Besides, it offers features like larger file sharing and allowing to conduct polls within the group.


Meta to allow creators to sell NFTs directly on Instagram

How to Appear Offline on Instagram

Meta has rolled out a major update for NFT. The social media giant now will allow limited set of creators not only to create but also sell digital collectibles directly to Instagram users. Until now creators were allowed to only create digital collectibles. This will not only open new revenue option for Instagram’s creators but will also help users to buy NFTs. However, Instagram will currently test this feature only in the U.S. market. Instagram has launched this feature at a time when the sales of NFTs have been nosediving.        


Apple will have its first ever Union in U.K

Over the last few months Apple has been dismayed by the fact that quite a few Apple stores in the U.S. have chose to unionize. But it seems that the tech giant may have to endure this fate in U.K as well. According to the Newspaper The Herald, employees in Glasgow’s Apple retail store have voted to unionize. With this, Glasgow’s Apple retail store has become the first Apple retail store in the U.K to unionize, which could well possibly lay out the precedent for other Apple retails stores to follow the suit. Apple has so far refused to comment over this development.           


Tiger Global backed SaaS Startup Chargebee lays off 10% Employees


With fundings drying up and recession pinching really hard, slew of startups over the months have handed pink slips to their employees. Now Chennai based startup Chargebee is the latest to join this bandwagon. The startup has just announced that it will be laying nearly 10% of its employees, accounting for nearly 140 employees. Backed by the VC giant Tiger Global, ChargeBee is a unicorn startup and is among the most highly startups of India. The startup provides subscription management and recurring billing platform on SaaS basis.

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