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Elon Musk accused of Sexual Misconduct by Ex-SpaceX Employee   

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…News that we feel every tech and business enthusiasts should keep a tab on.


Elon Musk accused of Sexual Misconduct by Ex-SpaceX Employee   

Elon Musk Hyperloop

In a shocking revelation, a SpaceX’s former female crew member has accused Elon Musk of asking for sexual favor. According to the Business Insider, this incident had taken place in 2018. The former employee, whose name has not been revealed, had back then complained to SpaceX’s HR department about Musk’s sexual misconduct. The company’s management then reportedly sought to pay millions of dollars to the employee for keeping her mouth shut. Musk, on other hand, has reportedly responded by saying that these allegations are politically motivated.


TIKTok is planning a big push into the gaming space          

Very soon you may get to play games on the TikTok app. That’s because the video sharing app is planning to make a big push into the gaming space. TikTok is currently testing its gaming feature in the Vietnam market. Initially the company is reportedly planning to launch the gaming feature in Vietnam and other south east Asian markets. However, the Indian users won’t get to enjoy this gaming feature as TikTok is banned in India.


Google files for Bankruptcy in Russia

Image Credits: Flickr Saville

Google and many of its services may soon cease to exist in Russia. That’s because the tach giant has filed for a bankruptcy in Russia. This after the Russian authorities seized Google’s local bank accounts. The Vladimir Putin government has constantly accused Google of spreading mis-information against Russia for its ongoing military invasion of Ukraine. Notably, a few months back Google owned YouTube had already demoted Russian propaganda channels from its platform. Google has also demoted pro-Russian news & content from its platform.


Facebook has still not removed the Buffalo mass shooting video

Last week’s mass shooting incident in Buffalo city, which led to the death of 11 people, had rocked America. Several social media platforms including Twitch, which actually livestream this horrific incident, have removed this controversial video. However, Facebook, on other hand, is reportedly struggling to remove the video from its platform. According to The New York Times, many Facebook users are still reposting this controversial video on the platform.


Hong Kong may ban Telegram app

Hong Kong is seriously considering a plan to impose a blanket ban on the Telegram app. This after the Telegram app was found disclosing several sensitive data and materials about the government. Over the years Hong Kong, which is partially controlled by China, has seen a spate of pro-democracy movements. Mainland China has already banned all American social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Youtube and WhatsApp. But these social and online platforms continue to operate without any restrictions in Hong Kong.

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