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EasyTrade: A Platform that makes Online Trading Simple & Easy

While rapid internet penetration has made online trading a living reality, trading on the internet still isn’t all that easy, and most online brokers unanimously agree that there is still a lot more to be desired for. This uncomfortable truth spurred Joseph George to sought out a reliable solution that could make online trading as easy as a ‘cakewalk.’ His perseverant efforts lead to the fruition of EasyTrade, a platform that claims to make online trading so easy that even your grandmama would want to start trading. Now, this might sound a little outlandish but a cursory glance into the platform’s main features convinces us that this platform has indeed walked the talk.

However, before shedding light on the features, let us start by demystifying this new age online trading platform.

What is EasyTrade?

EasyTrade is an investor-friendly online trading platform designed for millennials and new-age investors. While the platform makes online investment an easy and brisk affair, the real thing is that it allows investors to invest in some of the most sought-after assets – from currency pairs, stocks of valuable companies to crypto coins.

EasyTrade Features makes online trading unbelievable easy  

User-friendly UI & advanced dashboard:

The UI and the overall design of EasyTrade are so user-friendly that even an amateur online investor won’t face many hiccups. This platform has been designed keeping in mind that anyone including those with bare minimum knowledge should be able to make online investments. But nothing probably highlights this platform’s user-friendly approach quite unambiguously than its highly advanced dashboard. Its dashboard shows real-time alerts and more than 20 key indicators to help investors proficiently track their investments.

Simple 3 step Investment:

While simple and uncomplicated UI design is one of EasyTrade’s main USP,  making an online investment on this platform is otherwise as simple. All it takes is merely three simple steps –  Sign up in flat 15 seconds, deposit money in your account and start trading in your favorite stocks and crypto coins. This entire procedure barely takes a few minutes and investors can start investing in no time.

Initial Investment as low as $10:

You don’t have to dig a hole in your wallet to start investing on the EasyTrade platform. You can start as low as $10 or any amount that you’re comfortable with. EasyTrade gives all the freedom to investors to plan their investment strategies.

All sought after assets under one roof:

EasyTrade is a platform that is designed for investors who dream big and want to play in the big league. You get everything and anything that every ambitious investor craves on this platform. From futuristic crypto coins, equity stocks of the biggest tech companies to traditional currency pairs. EasyTrade is dedicated to those investors and millennials who get easily spurred by their rising ambition.

Safe & secured platform:

EasyTrade completely acknowledges the value of your money and has taken painstaking efforts to build a safe and secure platform. This platform is built on three major fundamentals – Trust, Security, and Privacy.

This platform is trustable because this platform stores all the funds in a Tier-1 European Bank, separate from business funds. It is secured because the platform is fully compliant with fully recognized standards. This platform follows the best practices as per Gartner Security Research 2020 and is committed to securing its customers’ data.

Reliable Customer Support:

Are you facing problems with regards to your account or major hiccups in trading? No worries at all. Their 24/7 live chat support service is always up for the task to resolve all your complaints and queries.


EasyTrade is a modern-day platform that augments and promotes wealth creation among today’s millennials, who are most often associated with the consumeristic habit of over-spending. Its easy-to-use and user-friendly features augur well for restless and ambitious netzines, whose ambition knows no boundaries.

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