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Early feedback of Google’s Gemini are not all that Positive

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Early feedback of Google’s Gemini are not all that Positive

On Thursday, Google unveiled its most powerful and highly competent AI model ‘Gemini’ with lot of fanfare, claiming that it is lot more superior than OpenAI’s GPT. However, the early impression of Google new AI model aren’t all that great. There has been flurry of tweets on X (previously known as Twitter) about several inaccurate responses given by Bard, which has been integrated with Gemini Pro. One of the users tweeted that Bard was unable to get some of the basic facts right, for instance it got some of the winners of 2023 Oscar winners completely wrong. It must be noted that Gemini’s success is highly critical for Google if it wants to keep pace with OpenAI in the AI race.


xAI has started rolling out Grok to X Premium+ Subscribers

Grok, the AI chatbot launched by Elon Musk’s AI company xAI, has officially started rolling out its services to X Premium+ subscribers in the US. People who have been long-time subscribers of X Premium+ services will get priority access to Grok, X said. However, there is still no clarity when Grok will be rolled out in other global markets. One of the distinct features of Grok is its ability access to data from X’s post in real time, which according to many experts gives Grok a great advantage over other chatbots, many of whom don’t have access to real-time data from internet.


Alibaba’s new AI model is catching everyone’s attention

Alibaba’s new AI model Animate Anyone, which is still undergoing research, can animate any subjects from still images or photos. Although there are several image-to-video swirling in the market, Alibaba’s AI model stand out for its impressive and outstanding results. These results, showing off Animate Anyone’s capabilities in converting still images into videos, has already gone viral across social media platforms. Many claim that Animate Anyone will take deepfake to another level. However, the AI model has also come under severe criticism as it has been trained on TikTok videos, implying that it has accessed the videos without taking proper consent from the owners.



McDonald’s Partners with Google AI for improving its operation

McDonald’s has just announced a strategic partnership with Google to implement the capabilities of artificial intelligence across thousands of outlets across the world. This partnership, which is supposed to start in 2024, aims to optimize McDonald’s operations, like predicting demand, adjust inventory levels, and optimizing preparation processes. Additionally, McDonald will use Gemini for delivering hotter and freshers food to the customers. For instance, it will be utilized to analyze real-time data and predict upcoming orders, enabling restaurants to prepare food just-in-time for delivery or pick-up.


Threads adds yet another new feature – Hashtags

Threads has officially rolled out hashtags globally. However, these hashtags are bit different than traditional hashtags. Instead of the traditional format with the “#” symbol, Threads uses tags that appear as blue text hyperlinks. When users tap on a tag, they’ll be directed to a feed showcasing all posts related to that topic. By adding yet another new feature, Threads is trying to get closer to other social media platforms, notably ‘X’ (previous known as Twitter).

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