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Donald Trump may soon launch his own social media platform – Top Trending News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…..check it out  


Donald Trump may soon launch his own social media platform

After all the leading social media platforms boycotted Donald Trump following the unprecedented Capitol riot, the former US president is trying to stage a comeback in the social media world. However, he won’t be negotiating any terms and condition with Facebook and Twitter for this purpose. Rather he would be launching his own social media platform that will give the former US President give a complete control over his social media activities.  The news of Trump’s effort to make a social media comeback was broken by one of his senior advisors Jason Miller.


Google’s Vice President & Next Billion Users Head Caesar Sengupta quits   

After a long 15 year stint, Google’s Vice President Caesar Sengupta has decided to step down. Sengupta had played a crucial role in spearheading the launch of Google Pay and making it one of the most popular payment apps in India. He was also overlooking Google’s next billion user’s initiative that primarily aimed at launching several products for internet users in emerging markets like India.


Brazil Penalizes Apple for $2 Mn for giving ‘charger’ a miss

Brazil’s regulatory body has fined Apple for nearly $2 Mn. The American tech giant has been accused of indulging in highhandedness by not including charger with the newly launched iPhone 12. Apple had cited ‘environmental concerns’ for not including charger. However, the Brazil’s consumer body claimed that Apple’s purported reason of ‘environmental concerns’ are sort of untrue as it has failed to convincingly demonstrate the same.


Elon Musk counters China’s spying allegation against Tesla cars with ‘shutdown Jibe’

Elon Musk has claimed that China’s allegation that Tesla cars are being used for spying can be at best described as ‘exaggerated claim.’ Musk claimed that if Tesla cars were really indulging in such highhanded activity then it would have been shut down long time back.  Musk’s counter argument was in response to reports that Chinese military and government officials have been barred from using Tesla vehicles, citing that the exterior camera used in the vehicle can be used for surveillance purposes.

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