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Donald Trump Makes yet Another Gaffe – Top Trending Stories


Did Donald Trump made false Ventilator Claim

Donald-Trump making the vistory sign
Image Credits: Flickr Gage Skidmore

U.S. President Donald Trump, in his trademark style, has once again apparently made a major gaffe.  Trump, while addressing on the issue of precautionary measures taken for Covid 19 patients, claimed that he has ordered major auto companies like Tesla and General Motors to make car ventilators right now. However, several websites that carried out a fact check has found this claim untrue. The fact check report claims that Tesla, GM and other auto companies are nowhere near manufacturing car ventilators. It will take them several months to do so. Ventilators evidently is one of the important medical equipments for treating COVID-19 patients.


Disney Plus will lower streaming quality amid Coronavirus fever

Bugged by coronavirus outbreak, newly launched Disney Plus has decided to lower its streaming quality across Europe. But Disney Plus is not the only one to put the plug on the streaming quality, with other leading streaming service providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV Plus also deciding to join the bandwagon. Heavy broadband strain has emerged as a major concern for all the streaming companies as millions of people prefer to stay indoors as part of mostly government supported initiative to curb the spread of coronavirus. By the way, Disney Plus has also delayed its launch in France due to coronavirus.


Taiwan to roll out electronic fence to deal with quarantine patients

Buoyed by the global praise for its fight against coronavirus, Taiwan has now decided to launch smart phone based ‘electronic fence.’ This mobile phone based electronic fence will leverage location tracking technology to ensure that people who are quarantined stay indoors. Taiwan is believed to be the first country to use this technology, in what appears to be another feather in the cap of this tiny nation.


Xbox Live went down second time last week

In a major embarrassment for Microsoft, Xbox Live experienced an outage for few seconds on Friday last week. This was a second outage last week, with similar outage occurring few days back that lasted for almost an hour. Microsoft confirmed about Friday’s outage on its twitter handle. Hopefully, Xbox’s die hard gamers won’t have to bear this brunt again.


Big Tech companies join hands with White House for COVID-19 research     

US government has struck a partnership with several private companies including big tech giants (as a part of public-private initiative) for promoting COVID-19 research. Some of the big companies that have joined hands include IBM, Google, Microsoft  and Amazon.

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