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Donald Trump Backs Oracle in Google Vs Oracle Legal Battle

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Google Vs Oracle: Trump Administration backs Oracle in Fight against Google

 It seems in the long drawn battle between Google and Oracle, Trump has chosen to back up the latter to garner much needed corporate support for his presidential re-election campaign.

Trump administration has officially requested U.S. Supreme Court to reject Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc’s appeal; giving a huge boost to Oracle’s quest to garner more than $8 Bn in royalties for Google’s alleged use of copyrighted programming code in the Android operating system. Interestingly, Trump’s covert support to Oracle has come on the same day Oracle’s co-founder Larry Ellison hosted election fundraiser for him.


Will Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unleash a revolution for Foldable Smartphones

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This answer still lies in the realm of uncertainty and only time will conclusively settle down the debate about the future of foldable smartphones. But Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s launch has surely added spunk to this debate, with several tech experts calling it the best foldable smartphone till date. However, few critics couldn’t resist the temptation of taking swipe at its premium price, arguing that the Samsung’s new offering doesn’t boost any extra-ordinary features and forces consumers to pay hefty $1,379 only for the sake of a foldable phone.


Morgan Stanley strikes Biggest Acquisition Deal since 2008 Financial Meltdown

Even after a decade, the global economy still hasn’t resurrected fully from the tumultuous impact of 2008 financial crisis. But Morgan Stanley’s latest acquisition deal may help the global economy in slaying the memories of 2008 financial crises. The New York based investment giant has bought E-Trade – an online discount brokerage – for whopping $13 Bn. The historic takeover deal may help the investment firm to capture a big share in the online trading market.


Disney Finally Raises the Curtain on Baby Yodo Toy

Baby Yodo merchandise was conspicuously missing from the market when the hit web series ‘The Mandalorian’ was launched on Disney’s streaming channel few months back. But Disney has finally unveiled the Baby Yodo merchandise and the American market will now soon see the divulge of Baby Yodo merchandise.

The launch of Baby Yodo became almost inevitable, after the character became internet sensation last year. The Baby Yodo will be available in every form and shape that you can imagine – from beanies to backpacks to Bluetooth speaker.


Facebook & Sony to Skip Game Developers Conference owing to Coronavirus concerns

Coronavirus outbreak has pushed many big tech companies on the edge, with Facebook and Sony now becoming the latest companies to take preventive actions. Both companies on Thursday said that they will skip next month’s Game Developer Conference in San Francisco due to Coronavirus concerns. The social media giant usually uses the annual conference to make some big announcements for its Oculus virtual reality division. The social media giant said that health of their employees and the wider gaming community comes before anything else.


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