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Direction Local: Skyrocket Your Local SEO With Just Few Clicks

Over the last few years, local businesses have steadily acknowledged the positive impact that SEO and digital marketing can have on their businesses. This change in perception has propelled several digital marketing agencies to come up with innovative and effective solutions for helping local businesses to grow their businesses.  Although an admittedly great number of these solutions turns out to be a passé, there are many that stand out for their exceptional features.

One such excellent offering is Direction Local, comprehensive software designed for helping local businesses to consolidate their footprints in the online world. In essence, this software helps local businesses to manage their online reputation and boost local SEO. The all-inclusive software has been designed by award-winning and Virginia based digital marketing agency, Direction.

Going by the great reviews that this tool has already been garnering from local business owners across the U.S, this product has apparently added yet another feather to the cap of Direction. To know more about this tool, let us look at its important feature in great detail. By the way, almost all the below-mentioned features can be directly accessed and used from the dashboard with just a few clicks, which makes this tool even more proficient and effective.

Features of Direction Local

Effortlessly Manage Your Business Listings:

Managing business listing can be a major headache, simply because there are so many of them. From popular listings like Facebook, LinkedIn Google Maps to Yelp & Glassdoor, the list is indeed quite big. But with Direction location, managing so many listing becomes a hassle-free task. Simply because it not only allows to sync all your business listings from one single dashboard but you can also maintain and optimize your listings from the same place. All thanks to this tool and its highly effective dashboard, the cumbersome problem of going back and forth to maintain all your listings individually is solved in one stroke.

Manages Your Online Reputation:

This tool effectively manages your customer reviews and comments by allowing you to instantly reply to them. Business owners can reply to their customers’ queries and comments as quickly as they promptly come from different channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc. However, going beyond instant replies and this tool can even help in giving thoughtful responses and spin those negative reviews into positive ones.

Maintaining Consistent & Accurate Data Across All Listings:

Accuracy and uniformity of your data across all the listings are immensely critical for your overall online visibility. More so, it increases local map rankings and helps potential customers to find your business easily. Direction Local takes care of this critical problem thoroughly by ensuring 100% accurate data representation of your business across all the business listings. It immediately raises the red flag if there is even slight inaccuracy in your business data and allows you to optimize immediately.

Social Media Management:

Can anyone afford to underestimate the power of social media in today’s digital world? The answer is one ‘big no’. This tool is always ready to help business owners in posting social media posts as and when they wish to do so. Posts new sales, specials, offers, new product launches, and much more on social media platforms and grow your business. And, of course, all these posting and updating can be done from the comfort of the dashboard itself.


The tool is available in three different pricing plans. Each plan has been designed for different business sizes Customers can subscribe to these plans either monthly or yearly. Below are the details of these plans:

Local Pioneer: $15 (Yearly: $150)

Local Authority: $35 (Yearly: $360)

Local Leader: $20 (Yearly: $210)


In today’s age when online presence is an absolute must for businesses, local SEO tools like Direction Local can prove to be more than handy for local business owners. Not only can it help in keeping their business ahead of their fiercest competitors but also open up new avenues revenues. And the great thing is that all these can be achieved with the help of just a few clicks – yes few clicks.

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