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Did Binny Bansal filed Police Compliant against woman who caused his Ouster

Barely a month from now the world will be consumed with the nostalgia for all the important events of 2018. And when that happens, Binny Bansal’s abrupt ouster from Flipkart will certainly go down as one of the most shocking events of 2018. As shocking as the event was, now the skeletons tumbling out of the cupboard are also raising the eyebrows.

According to reliable sources, Binny had filed a police compliant against the woman whose allegation of ‘personal misconduct’ led to his removal from Flipkart. Flipkart’s 35 year old co-founder reportedly filed a police complaint against the woman accuser for blackmailing and leveling false allegation against him. Sources, however, claim that Binny later withdrew the complaint after the concerned woman apologized for making allegedly false allegations.

Binny Bansal may have filed a police complaint against woman who caused his ouster

Binny had filed the complaint at Kormangala Police Station, Bengaluru, only few days back. It could not be ascertained what really prompted the Flipkart co-founder to go to the cops and whether he has shared these latest developments with the Flipkart board.

To clear off all the confusion (if there is any), Binny had allegedly entered in a relationship with one of the Flipkart ex-employees few years back. To keep the affair secretive, he reportedly doled out substantial amount of money to the concerned woman in 2016. However, after this her demand for more money only became infrequent, causing immense strain for the Flipkart co-founder.

What eventually led to this secretive affair becoming public was Binny’s refusal to give into the demands of this concerned woman post-Walmart deal. If grapevines are to be believed, the woman had asked for a huge sum after Binny sold his stake to the US retail giant Walmart.

Meanwhile, there is an intense debate raging in the industry whether Flipkart’s board has been too harsh in removing Binny. Several analysts have described it as a witch hunt against Binny, since he had allegedly entered in relationship with someone who was at that time was not even an employee in Flipkart.

Flipkart’s board, on other hand, has justified its decision to oust Binny on the grounds that he did not disclose about his past affair to the board.


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