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Did Apple refuse to Acquire Tesla in 2017 – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. Check it out.   


Did Apple refuse to Acquire Tesla in 2017

Apple CEO Tim Cook, image courtesy:

Barely 24 hours after rumors came that Apple’s plan for launching electric cars is still not dead,  Tesla’ founder and CEO Elon Musk has made an outrageous claim.  Musk has claimed on his Twitter account that back in 2017 when Tesla was sort of struggling, he made an offer to sell Tesla to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. But Cook refused to meet Musk, let alone considering the offer.  Musk said in his tweet that he had decided to sell Tesla at 1/10th of the current valuation, which currently stands at whopping $ 600 Bn.


Substack comes out with content moderation policy, claims readers & writers are in charge of moderation

Newsletter subscription platform Substack has released its content moderation policy through a blog post. In its post, Substack has said that it will choose to refrain from heavy-handed censorship and believes that debate and dissent are necessary and important. Substack’s content moderation policy assumes huge importance as its popularity keeps growing.  Content moderation is a pretty thorny issue with platforms like Facebook and Twitter often accused of being biased and not doing enough to control ‘hate content.’


US government may increase crypto regulations to track Bitcoin transactions

US government has proposed a new regulation that will further tighten the Bitcoin transaction. This new regulation is especially targeted at private wallets and can be implemented as early as Christmas. Considering the fact that this latest regulation may come on the eve of Christmas season, American crypto companies have already started crying foul (source).


Twitter to reset Joe Biden’s account to zero followers

US President elect Joe Biden needs some Twitter followers. Simply because Twitter is reportedly planning to wipe out all the existing followers of @Potus and @Whitehouse accounts as soon as Biden is sworn in on January 20th. For all those who don’t know, @Potus is US President’s official Twitter account.

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