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Delhi HC asks Malpani to take down Controversial Tweets against WhiteHat Jr

For the last few days Edutech major and coding platform WhiteHat Jr has been courting lot of controversies.  At the heart of these controversies are two of WhiteHat Jr’s staunch critics – Pradeep Poonia and Aniruddha Malpani.

Photo of Mumbai based angel investor Aniruddha Malpani.

Over the last few months both Poonia and Malpani have been aggressively attacking the Mumbai based edutech major, accusing it of several malpractices.

These alleged malpractices includes accusations like running misleading ads, hiring teachers with zero coding skills, making exaggerated claims so and so forth.

As it is now well known that this on-going controversy has taken a legal turn. The Byju’s owned company has secured much needed respite from the Delhi High Court. On Monday (i.e. yesterday), the Delhi HC ordered certain injunctions against Poonia, ordering him to refrain from making any controversial comments, tweets and videos against WhiteHat on social media platforms.

On Tuesday, the Delhi High Court ordered similar injunction against popular angel investor Aniruddha Malpani as well.

The Delhi HC has restrained the Mumbai based angel investor from posting, publishing or sharing any content that is considered derogatory against the coding platform. It has also ordered the angel investor to take down the controversial tweets against the edutech major.

Additionally, the court has asked Malpani to give a written response on the ongoing legal matter by January 14, 2021.

Techpluto reached out to Malpani to seek his response on HC’s interim judgment.

Reacting to court’s interim judgment, Malpani said I am happy to take down the few tweets which the Hon’ble High Court found objectionable because the language used was intemperate.

I am looking forward to demonstrating how WhiteHat Jr has been systematically making false representations in their ads to entice parents into signing up for their courses at the next hearing.”    

The essence of Malpani and Poonia’s online crusade against WhiteHat Jr is that the Mumbai-based company is essentially a money-making machine and poses a threat to the future of young kids.

Malpani’s Legal Battle against Byju’s

Malpani is currently also caught in a legal battle against WhiteHat Jr’s parent firm Byju’s.  For all those who are not aware, Byju’s had bought WhiteHat Jr for a whopping $300 Mn earlier this year.

Malpani’s tussle against Bengaluru based edutech major snowballed into a major controversy after Linkedin permanently banned Malpani’s account.  Many including Malpani had accused that Linkedin had taken the arbitrary decision at the behest of Byju’s.

Over the last few months, the angel investor had written many controversial posts against Byju’s on the professional networking site. He had repeatedly argued on his Linkedin posts and other platforms that Byju’s was prioritizing profit over students’ future.

Linkedin’s decision to ban Malpani’s account created social media furor, with the latter eventually dragging the professional networking company to court.

Last month, Techpluto had exclusively reported about Malpani filing a writ petition against Linkedin in the Mumbai HC.  According to reports, Malpani is likely to personally appear in the Mumbai High Court in the next few days in the Linkedin case.

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