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Cybersecurity attack on Ride hailing major Uber

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Cybersecurity attack on Ride hailing major Uber

Image Source: Flickr

In a major cybersecurity attack, Ride hailing major Uber’s internal system has got hacked. According to screenshots shared on the social media platforms, hackers seem to have got access to Uber’s most crucial internal system where the company had supposedly stored sensitive customer and financial data. There is still no information about the identity or who these hackers really are. However, Uber on its part has said that hackers have not managed to get any access to critical customer and financial data and they are very much safe.  The last time the ride-hailing major suffered a major cybersecurity attack was way back in 2016.


Gautam Adani becomes second richest man, overtakes Jeff Bezos   

There is no stopping business tycoon Gautam Adani. After becoming the third richest person in the world, the Gujrati businessman has now become the second richest in the world. He has overtaken Amazon’s Jeff Bezos but the American billionaire trails his Indian counterpart by only $19 Mn. This means that Adani may get dislodged from the No 2 position anytime soon. That said, being a second richest person is another feather in the cap of  Adani. His port to edible oil conglomerate has been growing in leaps and bounce since 2014. Although many allege that his business is getting special favor from the Modi government, the business tycoon claims that he is very much a self-made man.


Meta’s stocks plunged 14% last week

The last week turned out to be pretty bad for the Meta stock, with the stock sliding as much as 14% during the last one week. The price of Mark Zuckerberg’s company stocks are currently priced at nearly $146. What’s even more worrying, Meta’s stocks have dopped by more than 60% during the last one year, by far the biggest drop among the big tech companies. According to the experts, the investors are still skeptical about Zuckerberg’s grand vision about Meta becoming a undisputed leader in the futuristic Metaverse industry. By Zuckerberg’s own admission, Metaverse will prove to be a risky bet for Meta and the company will have to wait for at least 10 odd years  to reap the benefit.


LinkedIn Founder was worried over Elon Musk acquiring Twitter

Elon Musk has already called off the Twitter deal and the high profile deal has been dragged to the court. However, LinkedIn’s co-founder Reid Hoffman said that he was sort off worried when he first came to know that Musk has decided to buy the microblogging platform. Hoffman, who is a very close friend of Musk, said that handling Twitter would have been too much for the talismanic entrepreneur since he was already overwhelmed with Tesla and Space X responsibilities. But Hoffman was not the only one who shared this opinion. Many of Musk’s close friends reportedly expressed same opinion on this matter.


Adobe makes a $20 Bn acquisition, acquires Figma

American software giant Adobe has announced that it will acquire web application platform Figma for whopping $20 Bn. This is one of the costliest acquisition that Adobe has made in recent times. Founded in 2016, the company shows the user interface and user experience changes in real-time. Today the platform boosts millions of users, making it a lucrative acquisition target.


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