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Cryptocurrency investors panicked over Massive Crypto Crash

Here are the top trending news from the world of Technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Cryptocurrency investors panicked over Massive Crypto Crash

Image source: Pixabay

There seems to be absolutely no respite for crypto investors since the past few days. That’s because all leading cryptos including Bitcoin and Ethereum have been on a freefall since last week, causing billions of losses for the crypto investors. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum saw a correction of nearly 30%-40% in the past few days. Due to this bloodbath, the cryptocurrency industry saw its market valuation drop by whooping $200 in just last 3-4 days. The ongoing crash in the crypto market also forced Binance – the world’s largest crypto exchange – to temporarily suspend Bitcoin withdrawals on its platform.


Google finally kills Google Talk

Remember Google Talk. Google’s original instant messaging service that, I guess, many of you may have used in the past. Well, this instant messaging service is officially dead now. Actually Google Talk has almost become sort of invisible across all major platforms since the past few years. But people could still access it through several third-party apps. But they can’t do this anymore. That’s because Google has now completely stopped providing support for this service. But this won’t make much difference. Simply because even in its heydays very few people used Google Talk. In other Google Talk was a big flop.


Rajiv Bajaj slams India’s EV startups (Here’s why)


Rajiv Bajaj, the MD of Bajaj Auto, has once again taken potshots on India’s EV startups. Bajaj, who is often known for his controversial views, may have found a reason for the recent spate of fire accidents involving EV bikes. He said that these accidents may have partially happened because the EV startup industry is filled with people who have simply no understanding of the auto industry. He even said that the mad rush for starting EV startups should stop immediately. According to Mr. Bajaj, this mad rush is bringing way too many mediocre people in this industry and this may backfire badly in the long run.


LIC IPO was among this year’s worst IPOs

The LIC public issue was among the most awaited IPOs of 2022. But sadly, the way things are turning out, this high-profile IPO is proving to be another disaster for its investors. According to Bloomberg, LIC IPO was among the worst performers in Asia so far this year, wiping out billions of dollars of its investors. Bloomberg said that LIC has lost a whopping $17Bn in market valuation since listing its shares on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Currently, LIC stock is trading at Rs 673, which is nearly 25% below its IPO price.  I seriously hope that the LIC stock doesn’t go the Paytm way. We all know that Paytm stocks have proved to be big wealth destroyers for its investors.


Meta to soon start its own Metaverse Academy

Are you curious to learn about Metaverse and that too from Meta’s very own engineers? Well, there is good news for all those who are indeed interested. That’s because Meta is soon going to launch probably its first ever Metaverse academy. But the only problem is that the social media giant is not going to start this academy in India. It is going to launch this academy in France. The company has tied up with a French firm for starting this academy that will be located in several French cities including Paris, Lyon and Nice.

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