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Crio.Do Successfully Concludes first edition of Crio launch

Tech learning platform Crio.Do has successfully concluded its first edition of Crio launch, which was initiated in February this year. Crio launch is an ongoing program that is developed for pre-final and final year engineering students, helping them to gain industry-standard software development skills through real-time training.

The first edition of Crio lasted for ten weeks, in which 700 of the 1500 participants were successfully trained. For this program, the company had received total 12,500 applications from over 500 engineering institutions including IIT Mumbai, IIT Jammu, BIT Goa, Manipal and VIT.

To select the final 1500 participants, the company undertook a rigorous 3 step selection process. These 3 steps included a detailed application review, coding challenge and 8-10 hour real time mini project.

Commenting on the completion of the program, Rathinamurthy R, Co-Founder Crio.Do, said “We have seen a large turnout of students from key institutes in our very first edition of Crio Launch. Crio.Do hopes to be instrumental in organizing other editions of the program to benefit the students and form a community of upcoming developers. Crio Launch helps to bridge the gap between curriculum and job requirements to supply the workforce with efficient talent.

He further added “there is a substantial void between young developers and upskilling programmes. The industry also faces a severe scarcity of efficient well trained product developers across levels. This is the gap that Crio.Do wishes to bridge with an approach of “Learning by Doing.

Students graduating from Crio Launch will receive full or part scholarships based on their performance. They will also be enrolled in advanced course Crio Launch+.

Crio Launch and Crio Launch Plus are essentially experiential learning programs that seeks to put in practice company’s “Learning by Doing” methodology. As part of this methodology, all Crio Launch students go through a laborious and structured program where they develop real software products in a professional like environment.

About Crio.Do        

Incorporated in 2018, Crio.Do is an experiential learning platform that aims to impart professional skills to software developers by training them in a work-like environment. The company basically believes that ‘doing is the best way of learning’ and seeks to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical learnging.

Last year, Crio.Do raised INR 7 crore or 1Mn from Binny Bansal, Amod Malviya, Vaibhav Gupta and Sujeet Kumar.

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