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CourseMaker: Grow your EdTech Business with Proficient Online Course Builder

Business: Online course builder designed for technical teachers

Location: United Kingdom

Business Model: SaaS Subscription

Competitors: Teachable, Podia, Thinkfic, Learnwords

Good Stuff: ideal for technical courses, interactive exercises, and competitive pricing

Bad Stuff: Missing Integration and no free tier (but open source)

There are scores of EdTech platforms that cater to students with an aim to make them academically efficient and successful. However, the overwhelming presence of such platforms has created an imbalance as it fails to look after the needs of people on the other end of the ecosystem. These people constitute teachers and online educators who obviously play a foundational role in creating the burgeoning ecosystem of online education. But despite their prominent role, they have been denied the platform not only to fulfill their aspirations but also their potential. To fix this problem of the lopsided ecosystem and for the betterment of the entire online education industry, the EdTech platform CourseMaker was launched.

CourseMaker is essentially an online course builder solely designed for teachers and educators wanting to start online technical courses in areas like software development and data science. Providing an opportunity to leverage the ongoing EdTech boom, CourseMaker offers literally everything that is needed to build an online course under one roof. Right from site builder for building your website, payment integration with payment tools like PayPal to CMS WordPress integration and SEO plugins to boost your online presence. Once you step inside CourseMaker, you don’t have to look anywhere else.

Main Features of CourseMaker

Features that will help to grow your online business

CourseMaker ensures that all its paid members are in the best position to take advantage of the ongoing EdTech boom. It does this by offering a great set of features like unlimited videos for an interactive experience, Custom domains + SSL certificate for HTTPS certification, price tracking, and detailed student analytics. These features are enough to put you in the driver’s seat. It will guarantee that all your hard work and sweat don’t go to waste.

Creates highly interactive & engaging courses

In today’s age of mindless distraction, CourseMaker has created courses that will manage to sustain the students’ attention span. Simply because its courses are enabled with beautiful math and coding syntax to give out beautiful charts, graphs that will keep your students hooked as well as engaged and will also add up to their academic performance.

Create your courses in the most hassle-free way

Building your favorite technical course with this platform is a really effortless exercise. You don’t have to stretch yourself too far. All its course building tools are very easy to use and make course building affair a completely seamless affair. Besides, most of the tools used by CourseMaker are already popular and are widely used among a person, which makes things further simple.

No privacy issues

CourseMaker’s customers can completely rest assured about data privacy as the platform is GDPR compliant. Furthermore, all the website created through this platform are protected with encryption since they are enabled with an SSL certificate, this fact should come in handy for boosting your website’s overall presence on Google and other search engines.

Technology integration

At the heart of CourseMaker lies a highly superior technology, which eventually paves way for a blazing experience for your students and ensures that your business stays right at the top. Just to give an idea, this platform comes with an SEO feature that will help your online course in achieving wider exposure on the search engine and, furthermore, this platform is optimized for all platforms including mobile phones.


While all the above features make CourseMaker a sort of standout B2B platform, the platform’s moderate pricing further adds up to its overall USP. Its services are available in three packages: the ‘Starter’ package that starts at $14 per month, Standard for $29 per, and Maker for $65per month.                 


CourseMaker addresses the dire need for a proficient yet budget-friendly B2B platform that caters exclusively to teachers. Integrated with several high performing features. This new player in the B2B can turn out to be a perfect business partner for ambitious teachers who want to make the most out of the ongoing EdTech boom.

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