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Coronavirus Crushes Samsung Galaxy S20’s Sales in South Korea

Today’s top trending news from the tech world touches on Samsung Galaxy S20, Lyft, Apple iPhone 11, Google Wear OS and Spacex  


Samsung blames Coronavirus for disappointing sales of Galaxy S20

Image source: The Verge

Coronavirus is adversely impacting almost everything in the tech world, from tech conferences and events to balance sheets of big tech companies. And now, it is Samsung’s turn to feel the rippling effect of the virus that has pushed the entire world to the edge. The South Korean tech giant has squarely blamed Coronavirus, also known as COVID -19, for its initial disappointing sales numbers of Samsung Galaxy S20 in its home market. 9to5 Google reports that only 70,800 S20 units were sold on first day of the launch in South Korea. These numbers look awful when compared with Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10, which sold 1,40,000 and 2,20,000 respectively on the first day of launch.


Uber’s rival Lyft is getting serious about self-driving program

Image Source: 

There has not been much buzz about Lyft’s self-driving program, forcing many to believe that the company isn’t really serious about it. Turns out that these assumptions were wrong as California Department of Motor Vehicles’ (CA DMV) latest reports  show that the company is slowly ramping up its self-driving operation. The 2019 annual report of CA DMV, a regulatory body for autonomous vehicles public testing in California, shows that Lyft conducted 19 autonomous vehicle testing’s on California’s public road in 2019. Consequently, the company drove almost 43,000 miles in autonomous mode, which is far less than comparatively higher miles clocked by Waymo and Cruise.


Lady Gaga’s latest Single makes for a great sales pitch for Apple iPhone 11 Pro  

How does a music video look when it is shot with the help of world’s most expensive smartphone. To know the answer, simply check out the Lady Gaga’s latest single ‘Stupid Love’ that has been shot entirely by Apple iPhone 11’s Pro’s camera. And boy, going by the immersive visuals, it won’ be a stretch to say that Apple iPhone 11’s Pro’s camera is simply out of this world.


Google’s Upcoming Wear OS Update may go big on Health Features

Image source: The Verge   

Google Wear, the android OS version designed for smartwatches, has never been able to take off. It has perennially struggled to outperform its rivals, namely Samsung and Apple. But the tech giant may be now pinning its hopes on the upcoming Wear OS update, which is likely to go big on health features. Droidlife, citing a Google User Experience Research survey, reports that the tech giant may be working towards integrating health features in the next Wear OS update. These features mainly pertain to health tracking – from sleep metrics to SPo2 tracking to pairing with medical equipments. Google’s last year acquisition of FItbit already served a good enough hint that company will be focusing on health to infuse some life in its smartwatch brand.


SpaceX Planning to boost number of rocket launches to meet their client demands     

Image Source: Flickr

SpaceX is seriously mulling to increase the number of rocket launches from its Florida launch sites in the coming years. Elon Musk’s company is planning to launch 70 missions per year by 2023, according to federal environment report.

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