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Coronavirus apps are facing heat from Apple and Google

Today’s top trending news from the tech world touches on coronavirus, Spacex, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook and Artificial intelligence     


Coronavirus apps are facing heat from Apple and Google

Image source: Pixabay

If you’re planning to download android and IOS apps to know more about coronavirus then there is some good news. That’s because henceforth android and IOS apps cannot spread unauthentic information about coronavirus, after Google and Apple have reportedly started cracking down on apps that spread misinformation on the virus. According to CNBC, Google play store is providing limited results for searches on coronavirus apps while Apple is rejecting coronavirus related apps that are not from recognized health institutions and government organizations.


SpaceX to venture into space tourism in Late 2021, with tickets costing $55 Mn  

Space tourism is the next frontier that Elon Musk’s SpaceX will try to conquer and it may have already started the preparations for this ambitious pursuit. Musk’s company will dispatch three tourists to international space station in late next year. The company will use its Falcon 9 rocket and Dargon spacecraft for this ambitious mission. However, interested tourists will have to dig really deep into their pockets, with tickets costing as high as $55 Mn, according to The New York Times.


Twitter CEO may put Africa plans on hold & Coronavirus is not the only reason for this

Image Source: The Verge

Few days back, Twitter’s embattled CEO Jack Dorsey revealed that he plans to spend good part of this year in the African to ensure that the microblogging company spreads its footprint in the region. However, that plan may have gone haywire amid coronavirus epidemic. But coronavirus is not the only reason for tentative change in his plan as has been clearly hinted by Dorsey’s tweet shared on company’s official platform. Apart from Coronavirus, Twitter’s CEO also pinned blame on “everything else going on” in his tweet. These guarded words obviously refer to the tough battle he is currently fighting against a new prominent investor, who is forcing his ouster from the company.


To prevent misinformation, Facebook will discontinue Trump campaign Ads

Facebook has said that it will pull down some of the campaign ads of the US President Donald Trump ahead of the US census 2020. Social media giant was apparently forced to take this decision, after many claimed that Trump’s old Facebook ads meant for data sharing and fundraising are being largely perceived as US Government’s advertisement for census 2020.


Artificial Intelligence may cure your sleep disorder as well

Is there any that AI can’t do….including the potential to cure our sleep disorder problems. According to a a new position statement from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, recent studies have found that AI can greatly help in resolving sleep disorder problems. However, these studies and researches still have a long way to go but people should not be really surprised if AI does manage to pull this off.


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