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Code Story aims to Expand in US and Other International Markets

Entrepreneur’s constant need for motivation to tread the challenging path of motivation is all too well known. Therefore well-known tech entrepreneur Noah Labhart didn’t had to try too hard to convenience himself to start a platform dedicated to entrepreneurship. His own stint as an entrepreneur pretty much convinced him that entrepreneurs were starving for a unique platform that shows them how to travel the less traveled path of entrepreneurship.

Code Story: a podcast platform where entrepreneurs share their real stories

The result was Code story, a podcast platform that features successful tech leaders who reflect on the roads they travelled and the products they created. In a nutshell, Code story is a platform that brings in-depth interview of with founders, CTOs and some of the important decision makers in the tech world. These interviews shed light on everything that is critical about their journey – from getting deep insight into their vision to critical moments of converting adversity into a great opportunity.

Code story was started only few months back and already has quite a few episodes running on its platform. It certainly plans to add more as the months pass by and increase its reach among target customers.

To know more about this unique platform, Techpluto caught up with Code Story’s founder Noah Labhart in an exclusive interview. In this special interview, Labhart shares about Code Story’s USP, podcast’s increasing popularity and many more aspects.

Q) What really inspired you to create a dedicated podcast platform for tech entrepreneurs?

I’ve been a huge fan of How I Built This with Guy Raz, and really enjoy the narrative that is crafted with each episode, telling the stories of successful empires built, and the roads travelled to get there. Being a tech person, I searched for a like show for this out there and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. There are great shows and interviews with tech leaders, but nothing that was crafting a narrative. So I set out to build just that – and out came Code Story.

Q) Given that there are already quite a few podcast platforms in the market, how does Code Story plans to stand out and beat the competition?

We plan to create episodes that are pleasant to listen to, informative and interesting to tech and non-tech folks alike. We plan to keep a full pipeline of interesting guest, who have built world changing products.

Q) Apart from giving deep insight on invaluable topics, Code Story also offers sense of motivation to entrepreneurs. Do you think that platforms like this can play a key role increasing the success rate of startup entrepreneurs?

I believe that they can contribute in this way, but specifically, I feel that Code Story can reveal to other tech leaders and entrepreneurs that no matter how successful the platform, there are always hurdles to jump over and problems to solve, around tech choices, building teams, making mistakes, delivering timely to the market and scaling your platforms.

Q) Do you think that due to growth of technology today we’re living in an age of information bubble and this can make Code Story’s task of ‘standing out’ in the crowd all the more difficult?    

Yes, I think this is true. All producers of content like this can only focus on making great content, great shows, great episodes – whatever it is that you are creating – and telling the world about it. The market will take it from there.

Q) Can you please shed light on Code Story’s potential revenue model?

Advertising & Show Sponsorship.

Q) Over the years, popularity of podcast has increased phenomenally. According to you, what are the factors that are fueling this popularity?

This is a great question, and my gut says that its due to the ever-increasing desire to customize the content you consume to exactly what you want. Podcasts allow you to do that, over something traditional like radio or talk shows. You can choose the topics you like, shows you like, people you like, etc – and build a enar never ending funnel of shows to listen to.

Q) Where do you see Code Story in next few years in terms of outreach with tech entrepreneurs and growth of user base?  

In three months, the show has already been downloaded nearly 6,000 times – and we are just getting started. My goal is to secure a large reach in the US, and internationally, to tech and non-tech minded folks.

Q) Being a successful startup entrepreneur yourself, what piece of advice you’d like to give to budding as well as professional entrepreneurs?

Start now and don’t try to be perfect. Just start working, and assess your progress, learn from your mistakes and keep going.

Q) Who are some of the entrepreneurs that continue to inspire you?  

The most inspirational entrepreneurs for me are the ones that I work with and interview – because I get to see inside their personal and professional stories, which make them and their products who/what they are.


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