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Code Story: A Podcast Platform Where Entrepreneurs share their Real Stories

Founder: Noah Labhart

Funding: Bootstrapped

Industry: Digital marketing

Competitors: How I Built This

Founding year: 2019

Entrepreneurship is an unforgiving journey where the learning curve is too steep and the need for motivation is simply insistable. This straight-in-the-face reality pricked Noah Labhart, whose own entrepreneurial stint made him acutely aware that much beyond ‘deep networking’ and ‘stroke of luck’ entrepreneurship is also about knowledge-building and seeking inspiration.

The young entrepreneur took it on himself to build a unique platform where the entrepreneurs get all the deep insight and motivations from real entrepreneurs who have built successful startups from absolute scratch.

Noah Labhart’s actions and efforts led to the fruition of Code Story, an exclusive podcast platform that brings in-depth interviews of startup tech leaders. These podcast interviews bring out the daring anecdotes of entrepreneurial life – from creating an idea, the tough journey from ideation to product and surviving those critical moments where an entrepreneur has to steal victory from the jaw of defeat.

Much beyond being a podcast platform, Code Story is an intimate story-telling platform where CTOs and co-founders tell about how they did it in the face of never-ending challenges. In the highly competitive world of entrepreneurship, there is always this unflinching craving for the underdog story and Code Story promises to offer plenty of such stories to inspire the next breed of entrepreneurs.

Code Story was founded in January this year and is barely a few months old. Being a relatively new platform, it is still in the process of building up its podcast portfolio. However, the few podcast episodes that are currently available on the platform like Caribu CTO Alvaro Sabido and Design Kollective CTO Sean Washington make for a pretty good knowledge sharing opportunity.

Conclusion: Entrepreneurship is a never-ending learning curve and Code Story is a welcome addition to this arduous journey. With highly informative podcast at their disposal, budding as well as professional entrepreneurs can build a deep knowledge reservoir that may eventually help them in getting better off the competitors.

Not to mention Code Story is a place where entrepreneurs can recharge themselves and make sure that they never run out of motivation even in the direst situations.

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