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Chromebook Pro vs Macbook Pro vs Surface Pro

Chromebooks are laptops that run on Google Chrome’s Operating System instead of Windows 10 or Mac or Ubuntu. MacBook is a product of Macintosh which is manufactured by Apple Inc. It was launched in January 2006. MacBook is one the best available notebooks in the market. It has a unibody made of aluminium whereas Surface is a series of touchscreens from windows personal computers. It is a Microsoft product. It is manufactured by Pegatron. It was an initiative taken to integrate Window’s system with its own hardware.

A lot of people generally get confused when buying a laptop or notebook. Thus, through this article, we aim to give you insights of the most famous and premium notebooks.

We present to you the most premium notebooks of today. They are Samsung’s Chromebook, Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Apple’s MacBook pro.


Samsung’s Chromebook and Surface Pro are folding and detachable respectively. MacBook has a very slim design, but it is yet to introduce folding and detachable type books. Thus, Chromebook and Surface pro are clear winners in this section.

2. SIZE:

Chromebooks measure 10% taller than Surface and Surface is 5% taller than the MacBook pro. Hence, based on this data, we declare Chromebook as a clear winner.


When comes to weight, Macbook weighs 1.37 kg, Chromebook 1.08 kg and Surface weighs 0.79 kg. Hence, based on this information, Surface pro comes out to be a clear winner.


The build of Chromebook, as well as Surface pro, is magnesium whereas MacBook is build up of Aluminium.


Like the Surface, the new Chromebooks have silver backs with black bezels along their front whereas MacBook offers Silver and Space Gray colours only.


Both Chromebook and Surface pro have a display size of 12.3 inches, whereas MacBook offers display size of 13.3 inches. Here, if a bigger display screen is what you are looking for, then you should opt for MacBook pro. The aspect ratio of Macbook pro is 16:10 whereas the rest two have same aspect ratio 3:2.


The display resolution of Chromebook is 2400*1600 i.e. 235, Surface pro is 2736*1824 i.e 267 and MacBook pro is 2560*1600 i.e. 227. Display resolutions are almost similar, but Surface Pro is a clear winner and has approximate 14 percent higher pixel density.


The stylus is supported by Chromebook, Surface pro whereas MacBook doesn’t support one. However, Chromebook and Surface pro have total touchscreens whereas MacBook supports touch bar only.


The processor of MacBook is Intel i5 and due to the presence of a touchbar, it gives more speed but Chrome and Surface have i5, i7 as well as Intel m3 support. Here, the Chromebook and Surface Pro are clear winners.

  1. RAM

Chromebook has 4GB RAM, Surface gives options of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB whereas MacBook offers 8GB and 16 GB RAM. Chromebook here offers less than the other two.


Chromebook has 32 GB space while MacBook and Surface Pro both offer upto 1 TB memory space. Here, Chromebook loses to the rest. If you are in search of huge storage space, opt for Surface or MacBook.

Final Verdict

Chromebook: Chromebook is a utility based notebook that can be folded, it provides a good display size, the latest processors but lacks in storage and RAM. This can be a best and budget buy for students.

Surface: The Stylus support, storage, RAM, display density and latest processor makes it a definite buy. But it is a no for the budget buyers. However, it is an ideal buy for the business ones.

MacBook: Made for the Apple lovers, MacBook has it all, whether it is great storage space, RAM or touch bar. It only lacks with processor and utility things such as folding or detaching.



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