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Chrome gets a logo makeover (but it is hard to spot the difference) – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Chrome gets a logo makeover (but it is hard to spot the difference)

Chrome is all set to change the logo for the first time in eight years. But the thing is that you may not spot much difference in this new logo unless you look at it very hard. The new logo essentially does not incorporate the shadow between colors, which actually helps in enhancing the appearance of the new logo. Due to technical reasons, it might take few more days or even weeks for this new logo to appear on all devices across the world (Read more).


A Family, which has invested all its fortunes in Bitcoin, has just shifted to Portugal

Didi Taihuttu, which hails from Holland and is nicknamed as Bitcoin Family, has just shifted its base in Portugal. They zeroed on Portugal because the country imposes zero percent tax on cryptocurrency transactions. In 2017, Didi Taihuttu’s family liquidated all their savings including their plush 2500 square feet home so that they can make heavy investment in Bitcoin. Since then the so called Bitcoin family has been globe trotting in search of cryptocurrency heavens or countries that imposes zero or less tax on crypto transactions (Read more)


Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Devices will be developed from old fishing nets

Samsung has decided to take the issue of environmental protection very seriously. The South Korean electronic giant has said that henceforth it will incorporate feature repurposed ocean bound plastics into its entire mobile product line-up. As part of this initiative, Samsung has now announced that all its upcoming Galaxy devices will be partially made from discarded fishing nets. (Read more)


Spotify’s controversial Podcaster makes  a public apology

After several days of outrage, Spotify’s controversial Podcaster Joe Rogan has finally issued a public apology for using slur words in his podcast shows. Rogan made the apology through his Instagram post. But interestingly, his Instagram post did not mention anything about COVID misinformation, which supposedly flared up this entire controversy (Read more)


Twitter is testing new direct DM option on IOS

Twitter is testing new direct DM option on IOS that will allow users to directly send a message from their tweets and bypass the DM button on their profile. Interestingly, Twitter had sort of tried this direct DM feature back in 2016 (Read more)

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