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Chris Gayle Bats for Augmented Reality Startup FlippAR: Report

West India’s swashbuckling opener Chris Gayle has reportedly picked up minority stake in Bengaluru based Augmented Reality firm FlippAR. Reports further claimed that Gayle won’t be brining any money on the table, but would be freely endorsing FlippAR’s app in lieu of his investment.

However, how much stake Gayle would take up in the startup is still not clear nor the terms & conditions of endorsements have been made public. Both Gayle and FlippAR have so far not commented on the news report.

This is not the first time that Gayle has batted for an Indian startup. Barely two months back, the charismatic opener invested an undisclosed amount in virtual gaming startup IONA Entertainment. Gayle is also followed by members of Indian cricket fraternity team like Sachin Tendulkar & Yuvraj Singh, who have also made sizeable investment in Indian startups.

In fact, Tendulkar was in news few days back for agreeing to back up a Hyderabad based health startup, but the investment was later called off due to unknown reasons.

FlippAR Aiming to Enhance Consumer Experience Through AR        

FlippAR is one of the many tech startups that is trying to capitalize on the upcoming AR & VR technologies. This Bengaluru based startup seeks to enhance the customer’s shopping experience through an AR application, which is currently mainly targeted at furniture retail business (offline as well as online) and also art galleries.

FlippAR app basically shows to consumers real-time view how a piece of furniture or art work will look in their rooms, thereby helping them in making a proper shopping decision. The startup claims to be associated with some high profile organizations, including Thomson Reuters and Amnesty International. The FlippAR app is available can be downloaded for both Android & IOS system.

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