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ChatGPT’s voice feature is now available to free users

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


ChatGPT’s voice feature is now available to free users

OpenAI has announced that ChatGPT’s voice capability feature will now be extended to all users. To use the voice feature, you will have to simply tap on headphones icon on the ChatGPT app. ChatGPT will listen to your voice and respond in its own voice. You can use voice to ask questions, give instructions, or have a casual conversation. Previously, ChatGPT’s voice feature was available only to plus subscription users. The voice capabilities of ChatGPT are powered by OpenAI’s Whisper, an open-source speech recognition model. Additionally, OpenAI has also announced couple of new features for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, which would allow them to generate more creative and informative text for their queries.


Sam Altman is plotting his return in OpenAI

The OpenAI saga is getting crazy by each passing day with latest reports suggesting that OpenAI’s board of directors are holding talks with Sam Altman for his possible return into the company. And if everything goes well then Altman might make a comeback as the CEO of the company as soon as by end of this week. Quora’s current CEO Adam D Angelo, who is one of the members in OpenAI’s board of directors, has been reportedly appointed to hold talks with Altman. While negotiations with Altman are still going on, dozens of OpenAI’s employees have threatened mass resignation if Altman is not reinstated as the CEO.


Bing to employ GPT-4 to write captions and search snippets

Microsoft’s search engine Bing will soon employ OpenAI’s latest large language model, GPT-4, to generate AI generated captions and search snippets of every individual web page. The goal of these generative captions and snippets is enhance the search experience by providing users with a quick overview of web content without requiring them to visit every page. This latest feature will help Bing users in saving lot of time and efforts, allowing them to focus on the most important and relevant search results. However, initially this feature is likely to be launched as a beta feature before it is launched to the global users.


EU Countries agree on future AI regulations


Three major European countries including Germany, France, and Italy have reached a significant agreement on how AI needs to be regulated in future within the European Union territory. This agreement includes several dos and don’ts for tech and AI companies, such as AI companies will be expected to mandatorily self-regulate through codes of conduct, emphasize on evidence-based regulatory measures and including small companies within the regulations. The agreement between Germany, France, and Italy marks a significant step towards AI regulations within the EU territory. However, this agreement is yet to be ratified by the EU parliament.


Binance CEO steps down, pleads guilty

In a major setback for the global cryptocurrency industry, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has pleaded guilty in the money laundry case in the U.S. According to court documents, Zhao admitted that Binance knowingly facilitated the illegal financial transactions with sanctioned individuals and groups, including those involved in terrorism and drug trafficking. He also admitted that Binance failed to implement adequate anti-money laundering procedures. As part of the deal with the US court, Zhao will step down as the Binance CEO and Chairman from immediate effect. Binance has also agreed to pay a $4.3 billion penalty, which is the largest every fine imposed on a crypto company.

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