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ChatGPT resumes service in Italy after Temporary ban 

Here is today’s top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


ChatGPT Resumes Service in Italy after Temporary Ban 

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OpenAI has said that Italy has restored the services of ChatGPT after it was subjected to almost month-long ban. OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman confirmed the news on his personal Twitter handle. ChatGPT’s parent company added that it has addressed privacy concerns raised by the Italian watchdog and has thereby added several privacy control features. While announcing the ban on OpenAI’s viral chatbot few weeks back, the Italian regulator had told the ChatGPT’s parent company that it needs to mandatorily add privacy disclosures on its website, disclosing how data is collected and used to train ChatGPT’s algorithms. The watchdog also directed that it must allow users to object or reject their data being used for training purposes. Interestingly, only few days back OpenAI had also announced the launch of a new subscription tier that offers several privacy features.


Walmart is using AI Chatbot to Negotiate Prices with its Suppliers


AI chatbot seems to have become a rage as several big companies across the industries are trying to integrate it into their businesses. Turns out, even Walmart – the world’s biggest retailer – is now using AI chatbot in a big way. According to Bloomberg, the retailer giant has been using AI chatbot to negotiate and bargain best prices from suppliers. While Walmart management is reportedly happy with the performance of its AI chatbot, even suppliers seem to be more than impressed.  Bloomberg report claims that Walmart’s AI chatbot is developed by California based Pactum Inc, which specializes in autonomous negotiation software.


Twitter to cut 10% content subscription after one year

Earlier this month Elon Musk had announced the launch pf “Super Follows” feature on Twitter that could allow users to monetize their content including tweets, videos, newsletters and much more. Now Musk has made yet another announcement, announcing that Twitter will be taking 10% cut on content subscription after one year. This step will obviously help the microblogging company in increasing as well as diversifying its revenue source. Ever since its take over, Musk has been taking many bold steps in an attempt to make the company profitable including increasing the price of Twitter Blue services.


Wikipedia won’t be Complying with Mandatory age check in U.K

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Wikipedia’s parent company Wikimedia Foundation has categorially said that it will not comply with any age checks as mandated by UK’s online safety bill, which is being currently placed before UK parliament. A Wikimedia representative said that complying with age verification rule would impact its ability to collect minimal data about readers and contribution. The representative further added that it fears that Wikipedia could be blocked in U.K as a result of not complying with age verification rule. U. K’s online Safety Bill has sparked a huge debate among social media companies, describing the bill as arbitrary as well as dictatorial and also encroaches users’ privacy.


VentureBeat becomes the latest publication to use AI in articles

Ever since generative AI has become a talk of the town following ChatGPT’s sensational success, more and more media outlets are openly using AI chatbots for writing articles. Forbes and CNET are among the prominent media outlets that are currently using AI for writing articles. Now VentureBeat has become the latest media house to add into this list. VentureBeat’s editorial director Michael Nunez has confirmed to Bloomberg that it is using Microsoft Bing chatbot to write and edit stories. Nunez added that so far Venture Beat’s management is more than satisfactory with Bing Chatbot’s performance.


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