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ChatGPT now has a memory of its own, thanks to OpenAI’s new update

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


ChatGPT now has a memory of its own, thanks to OpenAI’s new update

OpenAI has just made an exciting announcement that it is adding a ‘memory’ feature to ChatGPT. This will allow the AI chatbot to remember important personal details from the previous chat and apply that context to current queries. You can even tell ChatGPT to remember certain specific information, like your allergic to tomatoes or you are not good at coding. It will automatically store this data as requested and apply it to future conversations and tasks. While ChatGPT certainly needed a memory feature, it also brings forth some privacy concerns. However, OpenAI claims to have address the privacy concerns by making sure that users still have a control over ChatGPT’s memory and that the system does not automatically remember certain sensitive topics like financial and health data.


Nivida launches new AI Chatbot that runs locally on your PC

Nivida has just launched a new AI chatbot called ‘Chat with RTX.’ The great thing about Chat with RTX is that it runs locally on your PC, which makes it a perfect alternative for users who are not very comfortable with online AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Gemini. Nivida’s new chatbot works locally on GEForce RTX 30 GPU and leverages the capabilities of popular powerful LLMs like Mistral or Llama 2. Over all, this chatbot can be appealing for privacy-conscious users since it runs locally on your PCs. Besides, it does not need an internet connection, which can be useful for rural areas or situations with limited bandwidth.


Microsoft plans to launch select ‘Xbox games’ on the PS5

While Microsoft has not officially confirmed it, the company has recently hinted in bringing select Xbox games to the PS5 and potentially other platforms like the Nintendo Switch. Media reports claim that Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, Starfield, and the Indiana Jones are some of the Xbox games that Microsoft could launch on the PS5. The company is likely to make an announcement regarding this in special Xbox podcast episode that will go live on February 15th. Microsoft is making this move apparently to increase the reach of Xbox games and explore more revenue opportunity.  This move will surely impact the gaming industry as Xbox and PS5 are two heavyweights of the gaming industry.


Mozilla scales down as it refocuses on Firefox and AI  

Firefox’s parent company Mozilla is going for a major overhaul of its organization. The company has just announced that it will be scaling down investments in several products like VPN and Relay. It will also be permanently shutting down the Hubs, a 3D virtual world that was launched back in 2018. Besides, the company is also laying off nearly 60 employees for cutting down the organizational costs. Mozilla has said in its memo that going forward the company will be more focused on integrating AI features into Firefox. Nearly a decade back Firefox was one of the leading browsers in the world but over the years it has lost its market share to Google Chrome.


SpaceX is gearing up for Starship’s Third Test Flight   

Image Source: Flickr

SpaceX is currently busy in making preparations for Starship’s third test flights at its Starbase facility in Texas. SpaceX is targeting an early March launch for the test flight. However, it cannot launch a flight test unless it gets an FAA approval. SpaceX has said that it is more than happy with the progress that Starship made during the last two flight tests. Starship is crucial to Elon Musk’s ambitious goal to send humans to Mars and ultimately start a human colony on the red planet. However, some experts claim that even if Starship makes great progress in subsequent flights, it would take several decades before humans could possibly land on Mars.

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