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ChatGPT goes Mobile, launches an IOS app

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


ChatGPT goes Mobile, launches an IOS app

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If you own an iPhone then you can start using Open AI’s chatbot sensation ChatGPT on the go. On Thursday, Open AI unveiled the official IOS app of its popular AI chatbot. This is ChatGPT’s first ever mobile version. The app will be free to use, won’t display ads, allow voice search and offer almost all the feature that the users get to enjoy in the web version. However, ChatGPT’s IOS app will be currently available only in the U.S. market. Following the launch of IOS app, users can soon expect an Android version in the market.


Binance stops Australian Payments

Binance Australia, the Australian arm of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, announced on its social media account that its Australian customers are unable to deposit and withdraw money. Binance informed that its banking partner, Westpac, has withdrawn the payment services. Westpac, which is Australia’s second largest retail bank, has not offered any official comments over this development. But some media reports claim that Westpac may have taken this drastic step to reduce crypto scams in the country. This curb is the latest blow for Binance as the crypto exchange continues to face regulatory hurdles in Australia and several other countries.


Twitter Accuses Microsoft of Misusing its Data

Twitter has laid serious allegations on Microsoft over unauthorized usage of its data in a letter that has been addressed to Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella. The letter has been sent by Elon Musk’s personal lawyer Alex Spiro. In the letter, Spiro has accused Microsoft of using Twitter’s APIs and content in unapproved and unjustified manner and added that this amounts to violation of “multiple provisions of Twitter’s developer agreement.” The letter has also accused Microsoft of non-payment for using Twitter’s APIs. This letter has been dashed almost a month after Twitter was removed from Microsoft’s ad platform.


Now even kids & Teens can also book a Uber Ride

You no longer have to be 18 or above to book an Uber Ride. Starting from next week, the ride-hailing major will start rolling out teen account in select cities in the U.S and Canada. Thanks to this teen account, young teenagers and children can book an Uber ride and travel on their own. Uber has made several safety provisions to ensure the safety of the young passengers. Some of the major built-in safety features include audio recordings, RideCheck and the option to use PIN. Adding another safety layer, parents and guardians will be allowed to track the progress of the trip.


Apple restricts the use of ChatGPT among its employees

While OpenAI may have just launched ChatGPT’s IOS version but Apple is reportedly putting a curb on the use of ChatGPT among its employees. According to Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Apple has not only imposed restriction on the use of ChatGPT but on all external AI tools. This includes Co-polit, a code automation tool owned by Microsoft. WSJ report claims that Apple is currently working extensively on several AI projects and the tech giant fears that the confidential data of these sensitive projects may get leaked through third party AI tools.

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