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ByteDance pulls plug on Vigo apps in India – Top Trending News


ByteDance pulls plug on Vigo apps in India

Chinese internet behemoth ByteDance has decided to pull the shutter down on two of its apps in India – Vigo Video and Vigo Lite. Unlike TikTok, these two apps failed to garner positive traction in the Indian market. The company said that these two apps will discontinue their services from October this year but did not offer any exact reason for this decision. Vigo Video and Vigo Lite apps allowed Indian smartphone users to make and share sketches and lip sync to popular Bollywood songs. Over the years, India had emerged as one of the biggest overseas market for ByteDance. The company had also recently pulled the plug on its overseas news aggregator app TopBuzz.


Winston Churchill disappears from Google; Google apologizes

U.K citizens got a rude shock on the weekends when they were unable to find images of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill on Google search. The issue soon become a hot topic On Twitter, with many twitterati accusing Google of attempting to rewrite the history. However, the search engine giant was quick to acknowledge the mistake, ensuring this was not done purposefully and the mistake will be duly rectified.


Space X’s less illustrious rival Rocket Lab launches five Satellites into Orbit

Most people may not have heard about Rocket Lab as much as SpaceX. But this is hardly stopping the former from taking giant strides towards bold space experiments. The company is currently basking under the success of its latest mission, after it successfully managed to launch five satellites into orbit on early morning of June 13. The lift off mission was conducted from New Zealand’s launch site Maha Peninsula. New Zealand? Well, Rocket Lab is certainly an American company but its founder Peter Beck is a New Zealand citizen and hence the emotional connection with New Zealand.


Microsoft Teams new update helps to fix those cheap backgrounds on video calls

To take on its competitor Zoom, Microsoft Teams has rolled out a new update that will allow its users to add custom background on its video calls. However, the company said that this custom background feature can be used only for scheduled calls. Although this feature may not able to scare off Zoom much, it will certainly help users to fix the messy and cheap background that usually overwhelms their bedrooms.


Github to remove the term ‘master’ from its platform and here is why

Microsoft owned coding company Github is all set to remove the term ‘master’ from its platform and replace it with alternative word. This is how the software coding company has decided to respond to ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. The movement has evidently put pressure on big tech companies to come forward to show their solidarity for black community. By the way, the term master is often used loosely to depict age old practice of slavery – a practice that lead to mass exploitation of black people.

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