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British Army’s Twitter and YouTube account gets Hacked

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


British Army’s Twitter and YouTube account gets Hacked

The British Army was on for a rude shock on Sunday when it discovered that its official Twitter and YouTube account was hacked. Unknown crypto scamsters were supposedly behind this hacking incident. On the British Army’s YouTube Channel, the hackers had posted several videos of cryptocurrency that also carried the photo of tech billionaire Elon musk. By Sunday evening, both YouTube and Twitter accounts were fully restored. This is perhaps the first time that the British Army’s official social media account has been hacked. The U.K government has said that they have taken this hacking incident very seriously and will soon launch an official investigation.


Ola founder says India should not give special treatment to Tesla

Ola Electric’s founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has said that if at all Tesla is allowed to sell cars in the Indian market then the Indian government should not give any special treatment to the company. Aggarwal said that Elon Musk’s company wants the Indian government to treat them differently as compared to other competitors. However, the Ola founder added that Indian government should resist such temptations. But Aggarwal’s statement may not carry much significance as Tesla has clearly hinted that it won’t sell cars in India. That’s because the Musk led company is unwilling to fulfil the Indian government’s tough condition of setting a manufacturing plant in India.


TikTok confirms that China is indeed able to access U.S. consumer data  

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In a shocking admission, TikTok has reportedly confirmed to U.S. senators that some of its Chinese employees are able to access the data of its American consumers. However, TikTok has maintained that this data access takes place under strict supervision and robust cybersecurity protocols. The video sharing app again went to assure that that data of all its American consumers is 100% safe. Last week there was huge hue and cry after American news portal Buzzfeed reported that TikTok’s Chinese engineers are able to access the data of American consumers.


Byju’s is delaying $1 Bn payment to Aakash  


Nothing seems to be going right for Byju’s off late. After firing more than 1,000 employees last week, Byju’s is reportedly missing on making a $1 bn payment to the Aakash Institute. Byju’s had acquired Aakash Institute last year for a whopping $1Bn, making it the costliest acquisition in India’s edtech space. The edtech major was supposed to clear all  payment over the Akash deal by June this year. However, Byju’s has now said that it can clear all the payment only by the end of August.  Notably, Byju’s is currently also in news over delaying its FY21 results. The undue delay in declaring its FY21 statement has raised suspicion that Byju’s might be cooking up its balance sheet.


Elon Musk didn’t Tweet anything for 10 days

Elon Musk’s unhealthy obsession with Twitter is pretty much an open secret. So when musk did not tweet anything for the last 10 days, it deserved to become news. Yes, you heard it right guys. Musk did not make even a single Tweet for nearly 10 days. But Musk being Musk, he finally made a comeback on Twitter on June 2nd, when he posted his photo along with Pope Francis on Twitter. Musk’s four teenage sons are also seen in this photo. Musk had recently met Pope Francis in Vatican but the purpose of this meeting is still not known.

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