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Brazil judge cracks down on Musk after refusal to Block X accounts

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Brazil judge cracks down on Musk after refusal to Block X accounts

Image Credits: Natan Dvir/Bloomberg via Getty Images

An interesting situation has developed in Brazil that has opened up the clash between a tech titan and a legal powerhouse. A Brazilian Supreme Court judge has just ordered an investigation into Elon Musk, the owner of social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. This inquiry has been triggered after Musk’s refusal to block certain accounts that the Brazilian judge found inappropriate and had ordered them to be taken down. Musk, a self-proclaimed defender of the free speech, argued that the judge’s order was unconstitutional and refused to block the accounts. If Musk indeed refuses to budge then X might face heavy penalty or may even outright banned in the country.


Apple embraces Retro Game Emulators

Apple, which is known for its strict App Store policies, has made a significant change by allowing retro game emulators. These emulators will let you play classic games from older consoles on your iPhone or iPad. This move opens the door to a vast library of retro games, potentially appealing to players who grew up with these classics. However, there’s a catch – Apple requires developers to ensure the emulators comply with copyright laws. This means users likely won’t be able to download pirated games directly through the emulators. The reasons behind Apple’s decision are unclear, but it could be due to factors like increased competition in the mobile gaming market or pressure from lawsuits regarding app store restrictions.


AI playlists debut on Spotify in Beta

Spotify is currently beta testing a new feature called “AI Playlists,” allowing users to create custom playlists by giving the AI instructions through written prompts. This would allows for a more personalized experience, letting users tailor playlists to specific moods, activities, or even genres they want to explore. If this feature is indeed launched then it could revolutionize how people discover and listen to music on Spotify. This feature is currently available only to limited number of users in UK and Australia on Android and IOS.


Move over Uber, Tesla’s robotaxi may hit roads in August

Image Credits: Flickr SAUD AL-OLAYAN

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will unveil their long-awaited robotaxi in August 2024. Details are currently scarce – it’s unclear if this is a fully autonomous vehicle or requires some human supervision. Additionally, information on how the ride-sharing service would operate is not yet available. This announcement may not only have significant impact on self-driving car industry but also ride hailing industry. It could pose significant competition to Uber and Lyft. However, these are still early days. we’ll need to wait for August to see the real impact of robotaxi and how it navigates regulatory hurdles if it is serious about competing with Uber.


Meta to Expand Labeling of AI-made Content

Meta is taking a bigger step towards transparency by expanding its labeling system for content created or altered with artificial intelligence. Previously, Meta only labeled videos manipulated to make someone appear to say something they didn’t. Now, the label “Made with AI” will be applied to a wider range of content, including images and audio, whenever Meta’s system detects a Ai generated content. By labeling AI-made content, Meta aims to increase user awareness and help prevent the spread of misinformation or manipulated media. Although this is a welcome step, the effectiveness of the system and the potential limitations remains to be seen.

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