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Brazil Bans Telegram app for Spreading Misinformation

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Brazil bans Telegram app for spreading misinformation

Image Source: Flickr

Brazilian supreme court has ordered immediate shutdown of Telegram app across the South American country. Justifying its bold decision, the Brazilian Supreme Court said that Telegram app failed to comply with the regulatory laws and was complacent in spreading misinformation across the country. The decision will come as a big setback for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro who is gearing up for re-election in October. Bolsonaro has been constantly accused of abusing social media platforms for spreading fake news and misinformation (Read more)


Russia Warns Youtube against spreading Anti-Russia News

Russia on Friday issued a strict warning to Youtube against the spread of what Moscow terms as anti-Russian news. Kremlin has warned that if Youtube refuses to heed its warning then the video sharing platform will face a blockade across the country. Last week, Russia had pulled the plug on photo sharing platform Instagram for refusing to comply with its rules. Youtube might as well face the same fate if it refuses to budge. Notably, prominent Russian news channels like RT (Russia Today) and Sputnik have already been banned by Youtube


Heineken creates a parody on Metaverse  

Renowned beer brand Heineken claims to have created world’s first virtual beer brand in the Metaverse. The company launched Heineken Sliver, which will be available in company’s virtual brewery on Decentraland. However, Heineken’s metaverse campaign is actually a self-mocking joke on Metaverse. Through its metaverse campaign, the beer company wants to promote the message that beer must be enjoyed in the real world and not the virtual world (Read more)


China’s Tesla’s rival rises the price of its EV cars

China’s popular EV maker Xpeng announced on Friday that that its EV cars will cost more from March 21st in the wake of rise in prices of raw material. The price rise decision has come closely on the heels of Tesla rising the price of its cars across China and other key markets. Xpeng will rise the price of its cars between 10,100 Yuan and 20,000 Yuan (Read more)


Facebook is locking people for failing to activate ‘Facebook Protect’

Facebook logo

According to media reports, Facebook has starting locking the accounts of scores of people for failing to activate ‘Facebook Protect’ feature. Earlier in March, Facebook had sent mails to select users that they will risk locking their account if they don’t activate ‘Facebook Protect’ feature. According to The Verge, Facebook believes that certain accounts are more vulnerable to hacking or malware attack and therefore such accounts need extra protection (Read more)

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