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Binance restores Bitcoin Withdrawal after Temporary Closure

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Binance restores Bitcoin Withdrawal after Temporary Closure

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, has announced that it has fully resumed Bitcoin withdrawals after shutting it down for almost an hour or so. The exchange blamed congestion issue on the network for the temporary closure. This is second time in less than two months that Binance had to temporarily shut-down the withdrawal of cryptos. In March, Binance had temporarily suspended deposits and withdrawals due to technical issues. Off late, it has not been all that smooth sailing for the world’s largest crypto exchange as it has been regulatory probes on multiple fronts. The latest news is that Binance is facing probe in the U.S. over violation of Russian sanction.


Google may add host of AI features in coming months

With the annual Google I/O event barely 48 hours away, the search engine giant is likely to announce host of big AI features for Google search. According to reports, Google is all set to take a big stride in moving away from the traditional text-link based search, paving for search results that offers more visual, is more personalized and conversational. While Google is pinning hopes on its AI chatbot Bard, it is hopeful that its other upcoming AI features will also help in protecting its search engine market share. According to reports, the search engine giant has been working on these AI features under the project name ‘Magi.’ Google has been compelled to pull up its socks recently after the sensational success of ChatGPT and its subsequent integration with Bing.


Twitter blames bugs for exposing private Circle Tweets to Public

How to Change Sensitive Content on Twitter

Twitter has confirmed that a bug in its platform’s software caused a major security incident exposing the private tweets of Twitter Circle to public. However, the microblogging platform has confirmed that the security bug has been fixed now. The company had launched Twitter Circle in August 2022 that allowed users to send private tweets to select individuals. This feature was publicly launched barely months before Elon Musk took over the ownership of the microblogging company. Twitter has been going through a major overhaul ever since Musk’s takeover including decision to stop the free access to its API and increase the price of its blue check mark.


Elon Musk claims his childhood life was painful  

Elon Musk, who is currently the world’s second richest man, recently tweeted a tweet that sought to debunk the myth about his privilege background and living a pretty comfortable life in his childhood days. This tweet was in response to a user who was critical about many of the claims that Musk has repeatedly made about his past life. Musk tweeted that he actually came from a upper middle-class family and the claim about his father owning a emerald mine in South Africa is untrue. Musk also wrote in the tweet that his childhood life wasn’t all that happy and he had to often fend for himself including for his education expenses. It is a public knowledge that Musk shares a rather tense and not so amicable relation with his father.


Scammers hacking verified Facebook pages, impersonating as Google and Meta

hidden friends on facebook

Fake Facebook pages impersonating as popular companies is nothing really new. However, recently Facebook has seen barrage of such pages in what appears to be a full-blown scam. Not only these pages are caring blue check mark but also carry ads on them. Most of these ads have been found to be caring links to malicious websites with many even impersonating as big tech companies like Meta and Google. A Twitter user recently shared the screenshot of one such ad on its Twitter handle.  The exact scale and magnitude of this scam is still not known.

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