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Big Tech Companies Subpoenaed by January 6 Committee – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology  


Big Tech Companies Subpoenaed by January 6 Committee  

The big tech companies including Google, Twitter, Meta and also Reddit have been Subpoenaed by the Congress committee. This commitee was formed to investigate the Capitol Hills riot that took place on January 6th last year. The committee said that the responses filed by these companies to defend their alleged role in instigating the riots have been found to be inadequate. Following the last year’s unprecedented riots at the Capitol Hill, all social media companies came under great scrutiny for spreading misinformation and content that spurred the violent activities (Read more)


North Korea stole $400 Mn Cryptos last year

North Korea hackers managed to steal whopping $400 Mn Cryptos in the just concluded 2021, an independent research report has claimed. The North Korean hackers have been particularly found to be aggressive in hacking the Ethereum, according to the report. Over the years the isolated communist country, which faces barrage of sanctions from the international community, has taken financial solace by resorting to crypto hacking (Read more)     


Microsoft pulls the plug on Xbox One Console

Image Source: Flickr

It has been learnt that Microsoft has stopped the production of Xbox One Console in 2020 itself. Microsoft supposedly took this decision to accelerate the production of Xbox X and Xbox S series, a decision that the company claims has paid off. According to reports, both Microsoft and Xbox are currently struggling to keep up with the demand of Xbox and PlayStation (Read more)     


Google calls for more proactive actions from government to protect ‘open source projects’


Following a summit on open source security hosted by White House on Thursday, Google has called for more proactive actions from the government to protect open source projects. The tech giant has also mentioned in a detailed blog-post that the collaboration between government and private players is need of the hour. Experts have claimed that open source project have always suffered from lack of funds and resources that eventually makes them vulnerable to cyber security attack (Read more)         


Jack Dorsey’s Block is creating an open bitcoin mining system

Portrait Shot of Twitter CEO
Image Credits: Flickr Matin Guptil

Jack Dorsey tweeted on Thursday that his fintech company ‘Block’ is in the middle of launching open ‘bitcoin mining system.’ This move will supposedly help the company to look for new revenue earning opportunities beyond its core payment business. Dorsey has always been one of ardent supporters of bitcoin and blockchain technologies (Read more)    

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