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In a big Push for Cryptos, Biden signs Executive Orders on Cryptocurrency – Top Tech News

here are the top trending news from the world of technology 


Biden signs Executive Orders on Cryptocurrency

In what is being possibly being touted as the U.S. government’s biggest push for cryptos, U.S. president on Thursday signed an executive orders on cryptocurrencies. This is probably for the first time that U.S. government has signed an executive orders on digital assets as its usage has imploded over the last few years. These executive orders are actually meant for providing an oversight on cryptocurrencies where Biden has urged the federal reserves to mull over the plan of launching its own digital currency and study carefully the pros & cons of consolidating the digital ecosystem in the country (Read more)


Substack rolls out new IOS app for reading (Android app to be launched soon)

Online subscription based newsletter platform Substack has launched a IOS app. This app will obviously support the mobile interface and bring on table all the important features that the web version has to offer. Substack said that it is hopeful that the readers will find this app immensely useful and equally help in boosting its readership numbers. The platform has also hinted that it will soon launch the same features in Android app (Read more)


Sony suspends PlayStation shipments to Russia


Sony has joined the growing bandwagon of ‘boycott Russia’ after it announced that its gaming unit will stop all the operations in Russia. This decision implies that that operation of PlayStation’s online store will be stopped, shipments of PlayStation hardware will be halted and the launch of new games will be postponed (Read  more)


Huawei board members resigns over company’s deafening silence over Ukraine

Huawei board’s two non-executive members Sir Andrew Cahn and Sir Ken Olisa have resigned supposedly over company’s deafening silence over Ukraine, according to BBC. The BBC report claims that the two members argued that the Chinese telecom company was neither quick to condemn Russia’s invasion nor is it forthcoming about criticizing Russia over the same (Read more)

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