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Best Language Translator Software Tools

Today globalization has increased our dependence on language translation software more than ever before. Every day millions rely on language translator software’s for serving their business, academical and even personal purposes. Not surprisingly, today there are hordes of translation software’s available in the market catering to this humongous need. Amongst them, we’ve selected three best translation software’s that we feel will do the best justice to your translation needs.

All these three software’s are paid services. While one may have the temptation to use free services like Google and Bing translators, but bear in mind that they come with their own shortcomings. Not to mention that these free services are not very reliable for academicals and enterprise projects.

Now without wasting any further time, let us get started about the three translator software that we believe will help you in breaking the language barrier.

Translator Software
Best Language Translator Software Tools


Pricing: Price for PROMT home services starts from $39

No of languages translated:  Over 20 languages

Latest Version: PROMT 12

Fermium model available: Yes  

PROMT is widely considered as one of the best automated translation solutions available in the market. It supports several popular languages like Russian, French, Portuguese, German and of course English. PROMT software can quickly translate any of the above foreign languages into English and vice versa. PROMT products are available for mobile & desktop (home), enterprise and industry solutions.

Each software solution boosts friendly interface & UI that helps in offering highly quality translation in fraction of a minute. They can also translate multiple format documents including pdf, doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, xml, msg, and html. Besides, PROMT’s translation solution can translate a single word, entire text and even entire website in a single click.

Talking specifically about PROMT’s industry solutions, then they are further classified into different industries: Oil and Gas, Power Engineering, Banking and Finance, IT and Telecommunications etc. Each solution offers industry specific advantages.

Certain PROMT translation software’s are available in freemium model, allowing users to try the solutions on trial basis for 15 days. These are: PROMT Professional 12, PROMT Home 12 and PROMT Expert 12.

Babylon Translation Software 

Babylon Translation Software.

Price: Classic version starts from $9.9 per month & Pro start from $ 15.9 mo.

No of languages translated: Babylon Desktop Translator offers translation in 77 languages.

Latest Version: Babylon 10

Fermium model available: Yes.  

This is quite handy translation software, considering that it has some amazing features.  Apart from standard text document translations, it also offers human voice translation. Its superior text to speech technology allows anyone to hear any text in natural sounding voice. Another unique thing about Babylon is that it uses professional translation experts, with the company labelling the service as ‘professional human translation.’

The company believes that some translation works need human touch and has assembled a team of expert translators for the same purpose. The company claims that its expert translators can translate one page in one hour and orders for the same can be placed on its official website.

Additionally, this translation firm offers a special translation software solution for the business class as well. The business translation software offers all the standard features like one click functionality (translating anything with a single click), easy product interface, quick instalment and seamless integration with all the desktop applications.

Babylon also offers its translation software on freemium base that allows new customers to have glimpse into its software.

Last but not least, Babylon is the winner of Guinness World Records certificate for enjoying the most number of downloads than any other translation software.

Lec software

Pricing: starts from $ 50 for personal transition software.  

Latest Versions: LEC Translate 12 and Power Translator 17.

This is another very powerful translation software tool that has been translation services for over 25 years. Lec offers translation in over 21 languages including some of the Asian languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean. Coming to features, then it offers all the must have features full-text translations in a single click, multiple format translations and user-friendly interface.

The Lec translation software is available in personal, business and pro versions. The company also offers special translation software’s for big enterprises and industries.

Conclusion: All the above three mentioned translation software’s will prove more than handy for all your translation needs. As mentioned above, they are bereft of all the limitations that are present in free translation services. They are precise and can flawlessly translate even the most complicated and sentences/phrases. A reason why they are so widely used by academicians and professionals across the world.

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