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Best Email Tracking tools

In olden days, people would just send emails and won’t have any idea about what happens after that. There was no clue as to whether it was received by the intended person or whether it got lost in the spam folder. Also, as a sales executive, you might want to know whether the customers read your promotional emails, opened the attachments and clicked on your website links. All of this is possible with the advanced e-mail tracking tools listed below.

Email tracking helps you to maintain and build new relationships in a competitive and crowded inbox environment. Email tracking tools help you to know when the email was read by the recipient, their geographic location, IP address, and operating system and browser details.  While some of these tools are free, some are premium with excellent features that help you to boost email productivity and efficiency.


Cost: $12 per user/month for Professional edition, $25 per user/month for Team Edition, $55 per user/month for Enterprise edition

Yesware is considered the best full-fledged email tracking tool which has excellent reporting features. Yesware provides detailed information about your email such as when and how many times it was read, what links were clicked, the device and operating system with which it was opened, IP address and location of the recipient, attachments downloaded etc. Yesware offers seamless integration with standard email software like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and also CRM tools like SugarCRM, Salesforce etc. It offers a mail merge feature that helps you send personalized emails instantly to more than 200 recipients at once. You can also schedule your emails for sending it at a later time you prefer and automate follow-up emails which you can send to people who don’t respond your initial email.

Yesware allows you to create email templates within Gmail that you can reuse anytime and provides detailed reports on the performance of each template. Sales executives can get comprehensive email tracking reports with statistical data on the no. of opens, clicks and replies for each mail merge. You can track up to 100 emails using the free version and you should upgrade to the premium version if you want more. New users are offered a 28-day free trial of the Enterprise version.

Contact Monkey

Cost: $10 per user/month for Professional edition, $15 per user/month for Team Edition, $25 per user/month for Salesforce edition

ContactMonkey is the ultimate email companion for any Sales or marketing professional with excellent tracking features, scheduling, sales force integration, mass emails etc. You can get desktop notifications whenever your email is clicked or opened. ContactMonkey’s email tracking works seamlessly with Gmail and it also offers complete Salesforce integration. It offers detailed stats of your top performing links, subject lines and which location has better viewing rate of your emails. You can schedule your emails by mentioning the exact date and time when you want them to be sent. Since it offers full-fledged integration with Salesforce, you can view and edit all your Salesforce contacts, custom objects and data within your Gmail account. You can try the Professional version which is available for a 14-day free trial. It has more than 100,000 trusted users and its customers include top Corporations like Amazon, Oracle, Expedia, TELUS and many others.


Cost: $49 per user per month for Premium Version

ToutApp is a must have email tracking solution for any sales executive. It can be used for automated email campaigns and manages all your repetitive tasks effectively. ToutApp can be integrated with MS Outlook or Gmail directly and also synced with your Calendar and phone system so that you can communicate to your team instantly and also book meetings in advance. It offers real-time statistics of all your sent emails and detailed analytics as to which sales strategies and messaging techniques are helping you to close great deals and grow customer accounts. It also contains very efficient email templates that can boost your sales and offers complete integration with Salesforce. The trial version is available for free for 14 days after which you can purchase the premium version at $49 per month per person.


Cost: $50 per user per month for the professional version, additional $200 per month for custom reports, report templates, and dashboards.


Hubspot Sales is a popular email tracking tool for sales and marketing executives. It can automatically share your sales documents and presentations and will provide detailed metrics on the performance of your email campaigns. It also offers powerful email templates which can boost your email open and click rates. You can convert your repetitive email formats into templates and analyse their performance individually. You can share the best performing templates with your sales team. It can be integrated easily with Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, MS Outlook and Gmail. This tool also provides some valuable information for improving your sales such as the recipient’s title, company and social profile. You can also view details about their company and new sources of prospective customers. Hubspot also provides email scheduling and allows you to book meetings in advance. You don’t have manually enter the contact info, email opens and clicks of any sales lead as all the information will be recorded automatically.


Cost: $59/month for Professional version, $79/month for Premium version

LiveHive is a sales acceleration platform with powerful email tracking features and full integration with CRM tools like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. It works seamlessly with various email clients such as Gmail and MS Outlook (both 2010 and 2013 version). LiveHive provides you detailed statistics on which users engage the most with your sales emails based on which you can target the interested prospects. Since the email open notifications are delivered in real-time, sales professionals can follow up with interested customers quickly and close the deals. It also provides an integrated VOIP dialler and colourful email templates for sending mass messages.  It provides detailed engagement analytics and helps you to automate sales email campaigns. It provides real-time tracking information for email opens, clicking on internal links, views, shares and prints etc. It is an award-winning platform for sales engagement and email tracking.

Aweber Email Tracking

Cost: $19/month for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails, $149/per month for up to 25000 subscribers and unlimited emails.

Aweber is a handy email marketing solution for sales professionals with easy-to-use tools that help you to create sign-up forms and professional newsletters which you can send to your prospective customers. It has a huge collection of HTML email templates and auto-responder tool which can send out of sequence email messages to subscribers at scheduled intervals. You have the option to choose from more than 700 mobile responsive email templates. They have a mobile App as well where you can check detailed stats on the performance of your emails such as open rate, click rate, bounce rate, no. of new subscribers etc. They have a drag-and-drop editor with which you can instantly create automated emails and schedule your email campaigns. Aweber is used by more than 100,000 small businesses all over the globe for their email marketing campaigns.

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