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Avaamo: This AI startup’s ‘Project COVID’ is fighting the Critical Information Battle

Few weeks back Techpluto carried a special article about how conversational artificial intelligence startups are stepping the game in their global fight against coronavirus. Adding a worthwhile chapter in this highly noble pursuit is Avaamo, a computing conversational Ai startup.

Avaamo leverages the power of Ai to streamline conversational problems across different sectors but the startup cannot be categorized as just another AI conversational startup. The company essentially touts itself as a third generation conversational Ai startup that is geared to perform multi-conversational tasks and execute complex intensive tasks just like humans.

Performing multi-conversational tasks is certainly not easy and Avaamo’s highly motivated team knew it more than anyone else. Two years in the making, Avaamo’s dedicated scientists and engineers have tirelessly worked hard to create a platform that is seamlessly integrated with the latest cutting edge technologies like speech synthesis, speech recognition, multi-faceted machine learning, and neural networks so and so forth.                

This platform today stands as a symbol of unwavering efficiency & prodigious competency that has managed to resolve complex conversational problems across different sectors. And one of these sectors happens to be healthcare where this young startup is fighting a critical information battle to spread awareness about coronavirus.   

About Project COVID   

Avaamo describes ‘Project COVID’ as a vaccine against misinformation. In the era of penetrative social media when misleading information about coronavirus can cause serious hindrance in our global battle, ‘Project COVID’ is a much-needed step in the right direction.   

At the heart of this project is a highly interactive virtual assistant that helps to find the most accurate answers to wide varieties of queries pertaining to coronavirus. All the queries are answered in plain and simple English.    

Today this virtual assistant interacts with millions of pages emanating from highly respectable and important institutions like WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).      

Ram Menon, Founder & CEO, Avaamo

“We as a company wanted to pitch in with a first responder mindset in this time of disruption and great uncertainty,” said Ram Menon, Founder and CEO of Avaamo to Techpluto. “We felt using our technology to reduce misinformation and having a publicly accessible solution would free up doctors, nurses, administrators, and other healthcare professionals to provide critical care to those who need it.”

Why Project COVID?  

While the noble intention of becoming part of the global fight against coronavirus was good enough reason, Avaamo’s deep footprint across the healthcare sector only added to their motivation to start this project. Avaamo’s virtual assistant had already started picking “cough, fever, fatigue” and “coronavirus” at a higher frequency across hospitals and health institutions. This fact made the company realize that they can be at the forefront of fighting this information battle to stem the spread of coronavirus. And eventually the project COVID was launched to spread the most critical and precise information about coronavirus among the masses.

The project COVID made its impact felt barely 24 hours after it was launched, handling and resolving more than 6000 queries about the deadly virus. Some of the top queries it handles on daily basis are as follows:

  • How did the coronavirus start?
  • What is coronavirus?
  • How do I do a self-assessment?
  • How long does coronavirus last?
  • How many people have died from coronavirus?
  • How do I get tested for coronavirus?

The project COVID is updated in real-time. This means that CDC, WHO, NIH or any other leading institution makes any changes in the information regarding coronavirus, COVID-19 Virtual Assistant will be updated instantly. This invariably means that COVID-19 Virtual Assistant provides only and only precise & update information about coronavirus.

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