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Australia Cancels Binance’s Derivative License

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Australia Cancels Binance’s Derivative License

Binance won’t be selling crypto derivative products starting from April 21st in Australia after its derivative license was revoked by the Australian regulator Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). However, Binance will continue to operate its spots exchange in Australia. This development comes after Binance was sued by the American regulator for selling unregistered derivative products in the U.S. Binance’s recent regulatory problems won’t bode well for the crypto industry, which has reeling under unprecedented crisis in the wake of FTX scandal and recent crash in crypto prices.


Walmart will expand to EV Charging Business by 2030

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American retail giant Walmart announced on Thursday that by 2030 it plans to add electric vehicle (EV) chargers to thousands of its retail stores in the U.S. Currently, Walmart has EV charging stations only in fractions of stores. This announcement will come as a big boost for the American EV industry, which wants to double down of the number of EV charging stations to support the transition away from the internal combustion engine car. Moreso because 90 percent of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a Walmart store.


Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has an important message for parents

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has the stressed the need for parents to limit the amount of time their children spend on digital devices. While speaking to popular magazine GQ, Cook said that parents and guardians should deploy strict guidelines in place, especially when it comes to smartphones. Cook requested parents to use Apple’s Screen Time feature to keep a track on how much time their kids are spending with digital devices. He emphasized that today ‘kids are born digital’ and ‘they are digital kids now. He further added that though Apple is itself one of the leading manufacturers of digital devices, it makes products to empower people and not to make addicted to digital devices.


Airbus to increase its production in China after winning a Big Order

French based aviation giant Airbus will be increasing its production capacity in China after it secured the order to manufacture 160 jets. This order was agreed upon during French President Emmanuel Macron’s ongoing visit to China. Although this order is part of an existing order, it will still give a big boost to Airbus’s attempts to consolidate its position in the world’s second largest aviation market. This order will also help Airbus to leapfrog its direct competitor Boeing, which is currently going slow on Chinese expansion owing to the current tension between China and U.S.


Twitter Verified unfollows everyone amid confusion over Blue Ticks

Scores of Twitter users got an unpleasant surprise on Tuesday when they saw the blue tick from their account has disappeared. This has happened because Twitter’s verified account has unfollowed everyone including Twitter Boss Elon Musk and former boss Jack Dorsey. This move is a clear indication that legacy blue ticket holder will no longer be able to enjoy the blue tick for free and they will now have to pay for it. Few days back The New York Times’ Twitter account also lost its blue tick mark. Musk had warned earlier that all the legacy blue ticket holders will lose their verification on April 1st.  

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