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Cyber security startup Attivo Networks Raises $21 Million in Series C Round

cyber security startup Attivo Networks raises fresh funds.

California based cyber security startup Attivo Networks, which specializes in using deception technology to thwart cyber-attacks, has secured $21 million in fresh round of funding. The funding was led by Trident Capital Cyber security, while Omidyar Technology Ventures & Bain Capital Ventures were other investors that participated in the round. Following the fund raising,  Trident Capital’s MD ‘Alberto Yépe’ will join Attivo’s Board of Director team.

With the latest funding, Attivo has till now raised $23 million through various rounds. The startup’s last funding of $15 million, which was series B round, happed only five months ago. Founded in 2011, today Attivo is one of the many cyber security firms to use deception technology. This technology basically deploys traps and lures attackers into revealing themselves. By using such tricks, potentially hackers are successfully kept at bay.

Attivo’s CEO Tushar Kothari said that today it is not only important for companies to understand how hackers attack, but also defend and proactively respond against them.  He claimed that Attivo’s deception efficiently helps companies across the sector in closing detection deficit.


Cyber security witnesses soaring investment  

With companies guarding their data’s more than ever before, cyber security startups have managed to attract huge amount of interest from investors. This year alone, number of startups including Darktrace, SentinelOne, Israeli based Illusive Networks & TrapX have managed to land huge pay cheque’s from investors.

Experts believe that investment in cyber security startups will only increase further, since companies across the world are expected to become more sensitive towards data protection. Not to mention that last year’s Equifax data breach is still fresh in the minds of most global companies.

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