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As Delivery Boy takes the bite, Zomato Promises Precautionary measures

Social media and controversies share a very deep bond. Something that food delivery startup Zomato seem to have experienced during the last few hours as it tries to cope up with controversy that is currently enraging across the social media. The controversy erupted after a video started circulating across social media channels that show Zomato delivery boy opening an ordered sealed box and eating the food.

This two-minute long video then shows the delivery boy re-sealing the package and putting it back into the delivery bag, which was most probably delivered to the designated customer. No sooner than this short video started going viral on Twitter and Facebook, Zomato started getting lot of flaks for supposedly irresponsible behavior displayed by one of its delivery boys.

The official logo of Zomato
Zomato Promises Precautionary measures following the controversy over viral video

Although the authenticity of this video is yet to be ascertained, Zomato didn’t waste any time in switching over to the damage control mode. The foodtech company said on its official blogspot that this issue will be thoroughly investigated. Terming the incident as a ‘rare and unusual case,’ the company assured the consumers that it will soon introduce ‘tamper-proof tapes’ and other precautionary measures to ensure that such incidents doesn’t occur henceforth.

Zomato also said that the concerned person in the video is a delivery boy from Madurai in Tamil Nadu and has been taken off from their platform.

Additionally, the Gurgaon headquartered company stated that it will educate their delivery fleet and has encouraged their users to “highlight the smallest anomalies.”

Zomato is at present locked in a fierce battle with Swiggy in a bid to emerge as a winner in India’s food delivery market. However, competition in the foodtech industry is no longer a two-horse race, with UberEat and Ola’s owned FoodPanda giving a tough competition to both Zomato and Swiggy.

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