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Artificial Intelligence is not stealing human jobs, Finds out Capgemini survey

AI is not whisking away jobs.

The fear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is stealing precious human jobs is sheer rubbish. This startling revelation has come forth through a recent global survey conducted by the IT consulting giant Capgemini. This Capgemini survey may actually end up busting some serious myths about AI’s negative impact on job sector, with the survey even claiming that AI (contrary to public opinion) is adding lot of jobs across the companies.

This global survey conducted across 1,000 organizations, who are applying some sort of AI solutions, praised AI for offering comprehensive benefits. Nearly 83% of the organizations claimed that AI has created extra jobs within their firms, while 10% claimed that AI helped in sprucing up the sales and improving efficiencies in other critical areas. Nearly 60% of the respondent also claimed that they don’t fear any job losses due to AI.

A further insight into the survey finds out that most numbers of job were created in Spain, followed by Italy and India. U.S. is surprisingly sixth on the list, while Germany and Australia are fourth and fifth respectively in this list.

Ron Tolido, CTO for the insights and data practice at Capgemini, said in a media interview that this survey proves that AI is creating renaissance in the job sector. He added that it is creating new streams of job opportunities, shrugging off the claim that there will be any massive job loss in future.

However, few critics have pointed out some serious problems in this survey. The most prominent problem that they have pointed out is that AI has increased jobs only at top management level in most companies, while lower management jobs hasn’t received any benefits. They also argue that this survey is conspicuously silent over whether companies have recruited new employees, after firing existing employees that were unable to adapt changes brought forth by implementation of AI.

While the assessment of this survey’s finding will continue for weeks, but there can be little argument over the massive impact that the fast growing AI technology will have on our lives in coming years. Whether this impact will be positive or negative is yet to be seen, with most analysts & experts being heavily divided over this matter.

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