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Apple’s Vision Pro causes Neck Pain, Apple finds during Testing

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Apple’s Vision Pro causes Neck Pain, Apple finds during testing

Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset Vision Pro, which was unveiled at Apple’s WWDC event in June, will be going for sale in early next year. Before it goes for the sale, Apple is reportedly trying to make the Vision Pro headset more comfortable to wear and use. According to reports, the company’s engineers found during the testing that the its mixed reality headset causes neck strain due to its size and weight. Apple is very much concerned that this might prove to be a big turn off for consumers and may negatively impact Vision Pro’s sales. As a result, currently company’s engineers are working round the clock to make its headset smaller and lighter in design.


You can now buy games on Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna’s subscribers will now enjoy the ability to buy games on the popular cloud gaming platform. Prior to this, Luna users could only play and stream games that were included in their subscription plan. However, the latest feature comes with a big catch. As of now, Amazon Luna’s subscribers can only select Ubisoft titles including titles like Creed titles, the Far Cry games, Child of Light and Watch Dogs. To play and stream these purchased games, Luna subscribers will need the subscription of either Amazon Prime or Luna Subscription Plus. Additionally, Luna users can also play the purchased games offline on their PCs or laptops. Following this decision, Amazon Luna will directly compete with other cloud gaming services like GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming.


Companies are using AI to measure Human Empathy

It has been found that several big companies in the US and else where are now using artificial intelligence to evaluate and measure human empathy. Some of these companies include telecom giant Cox Communication and telemarketing behemoth Teleperformance. Alongside, it has been found that more & more doctors and therapists in the U.S are using AI software to build an emotional repo with their patient. Whether AI should be used to detect and mimic human emotions is still a debatable and high controversially question. Its increasing uses raises several ethical and moral questions about whether machines lack remorse and responsibility. However, companies that are using AI argue that they are doing this to improve their employees’ output and the overall productivity.


Google Messages for web now has Animated Emoji and new Branding

After rolling out Android 14 barely few days back, Google has now released a big update for its web messages. With this update, Google web message users can now use animated emojis while sending their messages. The animated emoji feature was first rolled out in a beta version in Android in June. However, starting from today it will be to all users. While using animated emojis users will find that “grimacing” emoji will gain a shifty-eyed animation whereas the “loudly crying” emoji will fully express the waterworks. Additionally, Google Messages for web has updated its logo. Its logo includes a new four-color “G” logo in front of the “Messages” text in the top-left corner of the window.

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